Best EDM Show (2013)


The people bringing DJs and producers to town have gone above and beyond during the past year, proving that you can put a city that's not on either coast on the international map if you play your cards right. In a year of music that also included such artists as legendary techno superstar Chris Liebing and illustrious underground names Rrose and Radio Slave, it was a tough call to pick Pan-Pot, but there are two primary reasons that the group's set at NORAD (and the surprise showcase at the after-party at Cluster Studios) beat out the competition: The crowd ate up the Berlin duo's blend of tech-house, dancing furiously with ear-to-ear grins the entire time; and the members of Pan-Pot had an equally fine time, saying that this was the best show they'd played stateside. No one who was lucky enough to be present will forget this one for a long time. Talk about positive energy!


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