The Mutiny Words Night free-for-all, hosted by comedian and devil's advocate Onus Spears on Thursday nights, invites poets, musicians, comedians, storytellers and raving lunatics to talk, read or sing about what concerns them — or simply dispense their activist screed. Mindless haters, Spears warns, are not tolerated, so take your anger elsewhere unless it's directed into a cogent, arguable point of view that's less about finger-pointing and more about cultivating change. Otherwise, there's no censorship (or alcohol or drugs) at this all-ages forum, which begs participants to "SAY IT," whether their causes be personal or communal: sexuality, war, guns, bicyclists, pot-litics, local and world issues — it's all fair game. Talk may be cheap, but Mutiny Words Night is free. Rant on.

Location Details

2 S. Broadway
Denver CO 80209


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