Best Proof That Fashion Is Art (2013)

Yves Saint Laurent: the Retrospective

Among the amazing coups by the Denver Art Museum last year was landing Yves Saint Laurent: the Retrospective; in fact, it was the traveling blockbuster's only stop in this country. Curator Florence Müller, with backing from the late couturier's partner, Pierre Bergé, surveyed Saint Laurent's career, with the dramatic exhibition design by Nathalie Criniére setting a new standard around here. Some of the most remarkable pieces were those that referred to paintings, like the luxurious jackets based on van Gogh's work and the stylish cocktail dress that took on a Mondrian. Saint Laurent didn't do these kinds of things on a whim; he and Bergé were art connoisseurs of the highest order. And this show may represent a new trend at the DAM, which is opening a new textile gallery this summer.


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