Best Public Art at DIA (2013)

"Mustang," by Luis Jiménez

"Mustang," a 32-foot-tall blue fiberglass stallion with glowing orangey-red eyes, has truly captured the public's attention. The piece conflates the Wild West with lowrider culture and is the greatest accomplishment of its creator, the late Luis Jiménez. When it was unveiled in early 2008, fifteen years behind schedule and two years after a chunk of the then-work-in-progress had fallen on Jiménez and killed him, it generated cheers from some and jeers from many more. This past February, the sculpture turned five years old, which meant the city could start considering any official requests that it be moved — or dumped altogether. But the issue turned out to be a non-starter, because "Mustang" has only gained popularity over the years. Even some of its most vehement detractors have come around. Hold your horses!


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