Best Relentless DIY Venue (2013)

Unit E

Unit E was shut down briefly last year when the cops took issue with the venue's donation-only bar. But that didn't stop the unassuming multi-purpose space from thriving. Once co-habitant Gregg Ziemba took care of the resulting fines, he and the rest of the collective went back to work. Delivering on the group's mission to bring art together with punk, hip-hop, noise, folk, funk and everything in between in an all-ages environment, Unit E hosts some of the most diverse local shows around. Biding its time until the legal issues subside, Unit E continues to serve the Santa Fe Arts District as a place where kids can see local and national touring bands in the midst of Denver's burgeoning art scene.

Location Details

1201 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver CO 80204


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