Best Supporting Actress in a Drama (2013)

Aimee Janelle Nelson
In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play

It requires a lot of daring to take on the role of Mrs. Daldry in In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play, about a Victorian doctor who, in accordance with the practices of the day, cures hysteria by providing orgasms. As Mrs. Daldry in Equinox Theatre's production, Aimee Janelle Nelson had to portray complete sexual innocence and also deliver periodic on-stage orgasms — the kind of orgasms a woman might have if she'd never known such things were possible or been exposed to the sexual imagery we see everywhere today. Nelson has the kind of little-girl sweetness and vulnerability we associate with Marilyn Monroe. Her laughter is silvery and infectious; her hesitations speak volumes. To top it off, she plays the violin. Beautifully.


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