Best Brewery Tap Room — Glassware (2013)

Black Shirt Brewing

As craft-beer culture grows, breweries, bars and restaurants increasingly add to their collections of style-appropriate glassware. But it took a single-minded dedication on the part of Black Shirt Brewing to help design a brand-new — and somewhat challenging — glass with Golden's Offero Vessels. Based on a coffee-mug design engineered to capture the aromas of a drink as you bring the glass to your lips, the glasses, one with a stem and one without, have slanted rims that can result in spills but also forces drinkers to concentrate on the beverage before them. It's the only glass you'll find at Black Shirt, which opened in October 2012, but even that wouldn't help if the beer wasn't tasty. At Black Shirt, each one is a gem — and worthy of careful, thoughtful sipping.

Location Details

3719 Walnut St.
Denver CO 80205


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