Say Uncle! Tommy Lee, a 32-year-old Denver native of Chinese descent, didn't have a lot of experience in the restaurant business, but he knew he wanted to open a noodle bar — even though he worried that what he wanted to do was "too obscure." So he listened to customers' ideas — even before they were customers. "In the middle of construction, customers would keep stopping by to check out what kind of place was opening," he recalls. "When I told them a noodle bar, they would ask if I was doing ramen." He wasn't planning to, but ramen was on the roster when Uncle opened last August. He was equally attentive to the other dishes on the menu — as well as impeccable service — in his sleek LoHi spot. And the resulting noodle bar has bowled over not just the neighborhood, but the entire city.

Location Details

2215 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver CO 80211


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