Best Under-Eighteen Roller Derby Team (2013)

Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks

The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls league has a minimum age requirement of eighteen for its adult teams, but has been building its recruit pool (and fan base) with a year-long junior program that has become a statewide and national model after being prominently featured in Robin Bond's 2012 documentary Derby Baby. The Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks welcomes "Littles" Division girls and boys ages six to eleven (aka 5280 Might Club) and Juniors Division girls ages twelve to seventeen, some of whom have been graduating directly into the adult league. The Rollerpunks have been dominating the fledgling junior derby scene in Colorado and have started making a stamp on the national scene as regional junior tournaments begin popping up. Catch the Rollerpunks in action as the pre-bout or halftime show at upcoming Rollergirls bouts at the Fillmore and at the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls' War*house practice facility to see what all the fuss is about.


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