Founded nearly twenty years ago, the Denver Bread Company still wows with its array of chewy-crusted European-style loaves. Even if you arrive late and the racks are mostly empty, there's a lingering smell from the ovens to tell you that what's happening here is the real deal. The best remains the boule, a slightly sour, crusty round loaf with petal-like scorings in the flour-dusted top. Made with bread flour, organic whole wheat and organic rye, the loaf is just as good toasted with butter and jam as plain, which is how you'll eat it standing in the storefront, nibbling on a wedge while you decide what else to order. Will it be the tangy kalamata sourdough? The Gorgonzola or olive focaccia? Or maybe a bag of shortbread cookies with dark chocolate and tarragon. You might be tempted to go home with one of everything, but loaves aren't cheap — so be prepared to hand over some dough for your dough: The Denver Bread Company doesn't take credit cards.

Denver Bread Company 3200 Irving Street

Location Details

3200 Irving St.
Denver CO 80211-3110


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