Best Colorado T-Shirts (2014)


"Friends. Mountains. Love. Radness." That's the credo of Adam Sikorski's Coloradical, which he started as a line of Colorado-centric hand-stenciled T-shirts four years ago, and a recurring theme in his Coloradical merchandise, which more often than not includes images of snowcapped peaks, sunshine and the joys of living in the woods. In those few short years, as he's added new designs, hats and other printed goods, it's morphed into such a solid business that Sikorski was able to open his own retail shop, which doubles as a workspace, last fall on East Colfax Avenue. Coloradical's success no doubt has something to do with the easygoing message it delivers.

Location Details

3109 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver CO 80206


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