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Best 24-hour service Denver 2000 - Walgreen's 24-hour pharmacy

It's 3 a.m., the neighbor's obnoxious Chihuahua won't stop barking, there's a party going on down the street, and you can't stop thinking about your job presentation tomorrow. At times like these, only one thing will help: Walgreen's 24-hour pharmacy. Not every Walgreen's has one, but if you need your sleeping pills badly enough, or any other drugs you happen to have a prescription for, it's worth the effort to find one that does. The staff is friendly and helpful, not that it matters: Anyone looks friendly and helpful when they hand you that little plastic bottle of magic medicine in the middle of a heinous night.

Readers' choice: 7-Eleven

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Yea take a script to Walgreens at 2:30am - They are really rude and even more so if its a prescription that would reguire any work on their part. Not only is Walgreens one of the most expensive places to get a prescription from but don't fool yourself by filling a script for narcotics or any abuseable meds for that matter with them because I could almost guarantee they'll be making ugly comments about you with their technicians especially if you�ve got Medicare or Medicaid. I deal with pharmacies on a daily basis as I work for a Doctor who helps chronic pain patients whom are sometimes dying. The way they treat them is unbelievable so do yourself a favor use a pharmacy that treats not only you but others with respect because you never know when it might be yourself who needs medication you never thought you�d have to take and remember sickness isn�t always seen outside the body.