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Best after-hours club Denver 2000 - Club Synergy

Club Synergy continues to be the best place to stop after the bars close and your buzz hasn't worn off yet. DJs Amtrack, Quay, Foxx and Pepper keep the folks on the dance floor moving into the wee hours. A safe haven for Denver's insomnia-prone clubgoers.

Readers' choice: Amsterdam

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I used to party here in the 90's, hehee, was fun! Kinda miss the open dance floor with black lights and great sounds. Plus, 2am is way to early to head home! 


I got really drunk and it was really crowding and no chicks touched my package, they were to busy making sure their fancy clothes aren't getting drinks spilled on them. The friendliest are the visitors from out of the country. If you like to breathe stay outside.