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Best afternoon radio show Denver 2000 - The Sports Zoo, KOA-AM/850

Pleasures don't get much guiltier than this -- but who's complaining? Although The Sports Zoo can seem downright stupid at times, the unmistakable chemistry between Dave Logan, Scott Hastings and Susie Wargin generally leaves drivers with smiles on their faces. And when you're stuck on I-25 at 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, a smile can be a mighty powerful thing.
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Dave Title
Dave Title

OK... so now that Masters has been freed due to DNA evidence, what does this say about the death penalty?

Masters could of been an innocent man sent to death had a few things gone a bit differently.

How many people are on death row right now who do not belong there?

How many of the dozens who were sent to death row in Texas while Former Gov of Texas George Bush was in charge, and who still insists they are ALL guilty, are really innocent?

The death penalty is non-reversible... should it be a part of a judicial system that regularly reverses itself?

I'll be listening!