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Best collaborative underground comic strip Denver 2000 - "Hector"

"Hector" is surreptitious and confused and underappreciated, and, therefore, everything great art ought to be. The cooperatively drawn comic strip is the pet project of Tom Motley; the collective (also called Hector) shifts shape regularly, losing some participants and gaining new ones, inviting guests and kicking out the old ones, but, hey -- that's what keeps it fresh in the first place. "Hector" strips have appeared in a wide variety of magazines, including Brazilian and Belgian zines, in Steve Rasnic Tem's High Fantastic Colorado sci-fi/fantasy/horror anthology, and in local indie publications The Hooligan and The New Censorship. The group even had its own two-week show at the ILK gallery. One thing's for certain: All Hector members and guests have wonderfully twisted perspectives on life, which, when intertwined, provide the most unbeatably perverse underground humor and general weirdness this side of a page of S. Clay Wilson ink from 1969. That's scary. But it's the good kind of scary.

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