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Best local TV anchor Denver 2000 - Adele Arakawa, Channel 9

The longtime ratings leader is undergoing a serious brain drain: Ron Zappolo and Phil Keating have already split for Channel 31, and veteran Ed Sardella is retiring from day-to-day duties. So if the station stays aloft, it will be because of Adele Arakawa, who's solid, forthright, and lends a welcome edge to a broadcast that desperately needs one. Bet against her at your peril.

Readers' choice: Ed Sardella, Channel 9

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Ron Zappolo is the worst anchor I have ever seen. He is terrible! He looks very uncomfortable up there and won't look his co anchor in the eye. Oh yah, and Ron....when you do one on one interviews, shut up and let people talk! I don't want to hear your "uh huh," "yah," and cutting in every 5 seconds.