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Best Designer Furniture at a Discount Denver 2001 - The Furniture Room

Real quality furniture at affordable prices -- there's a concept! It's the one Brian Frenkel and Jason Reimer put to work at the Furniture Room, which carries cream-of-the-crop designer lines of retro and contemporary furniture, from chairs and sofas to mattresses and bedframes. How much you save depends on your taste: You can get what you see on the floor straight from the warehouse, or you can customize your selection, pay more and get it about a month later.
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Sadly, The Furniture Room is not the "it" store any more. I ordered a sofa in October '07, waited three months to be told the manufacturer would not make the sofa. I was dumb enough to order a different sofa from a different manufacturer through the F.R. and I will be lucky to see that by the end of May '08 ... I ordered it in Jan. '08. At one point the F.R. had $2,500 of mine (I have since received a refund check) & I went to the Cherokee location to return a fabric swatch and the place was closed, for good. No one mentioned that they were closing that location and no one was answering the phone at the new location on Osage. Needless to say, I figured my money was gone. Customer service has a very bad attitude (Mary) and the manager's (Erica, I believe) voice mail box has been full everytime I have attempted to leave a message b/c she does not answer her phone. I had originally ordered three chairs w/ the F.R. along w/ the sofa but canceled them and order three chairs from Room & Board. R & B answer their phone, have a much better showroom, better prices and I got my chairs w/i a few weeks. Normally, I try to support small business but the F.R. has pretty much ruined that for me. I high recommend people do not put themselves through the torture of using this company unless you can walk out of the store w/ what you purchase. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.