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Best Mexican Cooking Lessons Denver 2001 - Charlotte Saenz's Mexican cooking classes

Once upon a time, if you wanted tortillas, there was only one place to get them: Grandma's kitchen. But now mass-produced tortillas line the grocery-store shelves, and Grandma has hung up her apron. Enter Charlotte Saenz. With a griddle in one hand and arolling pin in the other, she's teaching a new generation how to shake, rattle and roll. In a series of cooking classes offered through the Aurora recreation department, Saenz walks students through the basics of quesadillas, burritos and enchiladas. But first they must master the art of the flour tortilla. Students not only learn to make their own tortillas, they eat them, too. "Many of them get pretty good," Saenz says of her students. "One woman even came up to me and said, 'You saved my marriage.'"
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I would like to comment on my Aunt Charlotte's clip on the Best Mexican Cooking Lessons. As I was sitting at my computer reading the Article she was talking about my Grandpa and Grandma. tears came down my eyes remembering the farm in Penrose and the smell of my Grandma's tortilla's and my Grandpa telling me that I look so much like his Mom. Thank you Auntie for the cookbook and all of Grandma's great recipes.

Patricia Garcia/Espinoza