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Best TV Weathercaster Denver 2001 - Marty Coniglio, Channel 7

Readers' Choice: Kathy Sabine, Channel 9
Marty Coniglio is a reliable presence on Channel 7's underappreciated evening newscast, and a generally accurate one. Better yet, he seems more interested in offering information about the latest weather conditions than in showing off every technical gizmo in his arsenal.
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i am a balloon pilot .forecast winds can be my largest concern. on june 6 the weather radio stated winds for the morning of the 7 would be 30 mph. then after lunch the warning was gone. channel 9 did not even mention anything about wind . nothing . there was a ton of info showing high winds for the 7 ,but not one word on channel 4 , 9 , or 31. the airport said no way . nothing on tv. ?? nice ? does he use a dart board or info that is availible . ha