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Best Yarn Store Denver 2001 - Showers of Flowers Yarn Shop

Showers of Flowers Yarn Shop

Showers of Flowers Yarn Shop

6900 W. Colfax Ave.

Lakewood, CO 80214


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Sheep, take heart. Sure, you've had a bit of a nasty run lately with all this hoof-and-mouth hubbub. But you've been giving us the wool off your backs at such a rate that you've stocked the 11,000-square-foot Showers of Flowers, the largest yarn store in Colorado. Yarns from all over the world aren't the only reason this is one baaaaaaad store; it also sponsors fashion shows and instruction in the venerable handiwork crafts. What really makes Showers of Flowers a true community resource, though, is a setup designed to make customers feel comfortable for hours. They can sit on the cozy loveseats and knit or crochet to their hearts' content, sharing projects and stories as the hooks and needles fly. There are many craft stores in the Denver area, but this one's a real purl.
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Knitting Fiend
Knitting Fiend

Having patronized every yarn store in the city many times over each knitting seaons, I take exception to the inclusion of Showers of Flowers on the Best of... list. While they have a reasonably good selection and space between the aisles, the owner is an insufferable individual, offering unsolicited advice on color selection and implying intolerance for children in the store. The prices are above average when compared to other local independent yarn stores. I prefer to shop at A Knitted PEace, Strawberry Tree, Recycled Lamb, and the Lamb Shoppe above and beyond Showers, even though it's the closest to home for me.