People & Places

  • Best Insult of the Denver Post in the Rocky Mountain News

    Written by Lynn Bartels

    To the chagrin of her editors, reporter/columnist Lynn Bartels wrote in an October 1 piece that the prose in a "how-to tome for incoming lawmakers" by the Office of Legislative Legal Services was "so technical and boring it reads like the Denver Post." … More >>
  • Best Insult of the Rocky Mountain News in the Denver Post

    Written by Chuck Green

    In a September 18 column, Chuck Green, who's done more crowing about the Post's JOA victory than anyone this side of Dean Singleton, wrote that he'd never considered switching to the Rocky Mountain News during his time in newspapering for a simple reason: "Why work for a bunch of liars and thieves when you can fight on the side of… More >>
  • Best Development to Come Out of the News-Post Joint Operating Agreement


    Quit the funny business! The newspaper war's over, and the terms of the settlement make readers the undisputed victors in one area: comics. Come April, the Denver Post will boast the largest Sunday comics section in the country, since it's adding the Rocky Mountain News's former lineup to its own on that day. (The News will return the favor by… More >>
  • Best Place to Learn How to Be a Millionaire

    The "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" freshman seminar

    It's not easy being rich. There are expensive cars to buy, blobs of caviar to eat, old friends to ignore. So how does the aspiring millionaire learn how to live up to his Diamond Jim destiny? In school, of course -- specifically, the University of Denver, which last year made "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" one of its seventy… More >>
  • Best News About the 2001 Colorado Legislature

    The freshman class

    All those naysayers who worried that term limits would fill the Colorado Legislature with a bunch of clueless newcomers should get a clue themselves. Colorado's freshman class of lawmakers is the most impressive bunch that the General Assembly has seen in years: confident, hardworking, and fully capable of helping lead Colorado into the future. … More >>
  • Best Lead in a Daily

    "Drunken men cried Saturday."
    Robert Sanchez, Rocky Mountain News

    In a December 24 article about the Denver Broncos' final game at Mile High Stadium, News staff writer Robert Sanchez summed up the feelings of loyal fans in the South Stands with this simple, to-the-point start: "Drunken men cried Saturday."… More >>
  • Best Place for a Working-Class Boy to Pick Up a Society Dame

    Valet Parking

    Ladies who lunch have to leave their cars somewhere, and valet parking at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center is the preferred spot to drop off the Lexus or Range Rover. Between shopping, eating out and going in for plastic surgery, these Denver dames lead busy lives, so a strapping young lad looking to improve his lot has to know when… More >>
  • Best Strip Show Without an Admission Charge

    Cherry Creek Trail

    On warm spring, summer and fall days, the Cherry Creek Trail is where Denver goes to disrobe. Between the joggers, skaters, bicyclists and occasional waders, you're bound to see some skin. Best viewing spots include Confluence Park and the parks behind the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. The latter even includes a small beach where hunks and hunkettes sun themselves, and… More >>
  • Best Place to Check Out the Competition


    Can't tell if that blouse fits just right? Wondering if those pants sag a little in the butt? Just ask one of the ladies next to you in the Loehmann's dressing room -- there should be plenty of them. Rather than offer individual stalls, this popular discount designer clothing store simply has one big cavern where everyone from teenagers, pregnant… More >>
  • Best Place for a Pagan Ritual

    Commons Park

    Designed as a retreat from the noise of the city, downtown Denver's newest park promises to be a favorite gathering place, with paths leading down to the edge of the South Platte River and a grove of cottonwoods surrounding a lush wetland. But the real surprise is on top of a rise at the center of Commons Park. Sunk into… More >>
  • Best Office at the Colorado Legislature

    House Democrats Press Office

    Information, please! When reporters have a question, the House Democrats Press Office comes up with the answer -- quickly, competently and completely. Thanks for the memories, guys.… More >>
  • Best Appearance by a Coloradan in a Comic Strip

    Gale Norton

    Gale Norton didn't want to be a character in Doonesbury, even one who remained both unseen and unheard. But cartoonist Garry Trudeau got Washington talking when he lampooned Colorado's former attorney general, a surprise appointment to the Bush cabinet. During Norton's confirmation hearings before the Senate -- where the libertarian-turned-Republican declared herself a "passionate conservationist" who could ably serve as… More >>
  • Best Appearance by a Coloradan in a National Magazine

    Ben Nighthorse Campbell

    After polling congressional staffers, Washingtonian magazine last fall named Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, a resident of the southern Colorado town of Ignacio, Capitol Hill's top "Fashion Victim." What, they don't like bolo ties, big belt buckles and leather chaps inside the Beltway? … More >>
  • Best Stand-in by a Non-Colorado Town

    Portland, Oregon

    When the Vail Marketing Board wanted to attract summer tourists last year, it created an advertising campaign that featured photographs of a playground in Portland, Oregon.… More >>
  • Best Defender of Alfred Packer

    David Bailey

    We accept that Alfred Packer is Colorado's most famous cannibal -- but do we have to label him a cold-blooded murderer, too? David Bailey doesn't think so, and the evidence seems to be mounting in his favor. Using sophisticated imaging technology, a team from Mesa State College uncovered bits of lead that could support Packer's contention that he shot one… More >>
  • Best Rest Stop -- Urban

    Oxford Hotel

    Technically, the downstairs restrooms in the century-old Oxford Hotel are not intended for the public -- but they're just too lovely not to share with the world. Although the smaller bathrooms that you reach through McCormick's Fish House are nice enough, the real winners are below the hotel lobby. And while the women's bathroom is spacious, well-stocked and boasts acres… More >>
  • Best Bathroom Campaign

    "Prevention Option for Women: Equal Rights"

    On World AIDS Day last December, the Denver Health and Hospitals Authority began posting messages in public restrooms around town that promoted male and female condoms -- conveniently available through DHHA. The campaign, called Prevention Option for Women: Equal Rights (POWER), was aimed at young women at risk for HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. "Minds have a… More >>
  • Best Way to See Water Being Used and Abused

    South Platte River trail

    If you want to see how Denver transformed itself from a high-plains cactus patch into the West's leading cowtown, grab a bicycle and head for the South Platte River trail. Start at Chatfield Dam, built after the devastating flood of 1965, which created a crucial water source for the metro area. Heading north toward downtown, you'll pass acres of suburban… More >>
  • Best Press Agent

    Andrew Hudson
    Spokesman for Mayor Wellington Webb

    Denver mayor Wellington Webb has deftly navigated one crisis after another over the past year, and Andrew Hudson, his public mouthpiece, is a big part of the reason why. He's Denver's most effective spin doctor, and the source of more news in this city than most journalists would care to admit.… More >>
  • Best Old Kitsch Landmark

    The Big Cowboy

    When they needed a model American town for Main Street, USA, Disneyland's designers looked to Old Town in Fort Collins. But Disney was willing to return the favor, in the form of the Big Cowboy who's stood over Federal Boulevard for almost fifty years. In 1955, sculptor John Sutton, who'd done much of the early work at Disneyland, stopped off… More >>
  • Best Local TV Commercial

    Rocky's Autos

    Don't get us wrong: We're as sick as you are of Shagman (both the original and his replacement and the original who's back again), Audra, Officer O'Dell and the whole Rocky's Autos commercial crew, including those Detroit hitmen who took forever to get to Denver in this winter's tedious series. That's why Rocky's holiday commercial, which consisted of thirty seconds… More >>
  • Best New Web Site for Urban Vigilantes

    For those Denverites who are vigilant about land use and transportation planning, is the place to vent about everything from traffic to zoning to affordable housing. The site, which was created by Brian Brainerd and is hosted by the Upper Larimer Neighborhood Association, encourages public dialogue -- polite, please -- about the city's Land Use and Transportation Plan (currently… More >>
  • Best Hair on a TV News Personality -- Female

    Libby Weaver, Channel 31

    Best hair. And best cheekbones. And best eyes. And best wardrobe. And -- well, you get the picture. Libby Weaver is so astoundingly telegenic that it's a wonder the other anchors in town haven't hired Tonya Harding to make sure at least one part of her anatomy looks less than perfect.… More >>
  • Best Lips on a TV News Personality

    Sean McLaughlin, Channel 7

    Even when KMGH anchor Sean McLaughlin is delivering the latest headlines, his extremely prominent smackers -- which look like the result of several hundred successful collagen treatments -- seem ready for a smooch. Pucker up. … More >>
  • Best Performance by a TV Anchor in a Tough Spot

    Jim Benemann, Channel 9

    The ratings at Channel 9 have dipped since the departures of longtimers Ed Sardella and Ron Zappolo, but the station's ten o'clock newscast remains the area's most most popular -- and Jim Benemann is a big reason why. Sardella left big shoes to fill, but Benemann slipped into them quite comfortably. He's not flashy, just companionable and extremely watchable.… More >>
  • Best Alternative Nickname for 'Convergence Corridor'

    Pink-Slip Prairie

    It seemed like such a good idea six months and 2,000 stock-market points ago: Give the cities along the Front Range one marketable identity that would give Silicon Valley a run for its money. But since the fall of 2000, that money has disappeared faster than your average Denver worker at 4 p.m. on a Friday, and today the entire… More >>
  • Best News for a Downtown Institution


    For decades, the downtown YMCA has offered low-cost housing both for people just passing through and for those trying to turn their lives around right here in Denver. And so last year, when the Y announced it would be selling the building in order to help finance needed renovations of its fitness facilities, many feared that housing would be converted… More >>
  • Best TV Sportscaster

    Drew Soicher, Channel 9

    Drew Soicher, the wiseacre brother of Channel 4's Marc Soicher, has a nicely jaded sense of humor, which he exhibits both during newscasts (love his witty "Drew or False" feature) and while reporting. In one memorable package, he tried to patch up the differences between two warring hockey players by telling each that his counterpart wanted to get to know… More >>
  • Best New Building Plan

    The Denver Art Museum's new wing

    Construction of a wildly fanciful wing for the Denver Art Museum, designed by architectural superstar Daniel Libeskind, is about to get under way just south of the museum. Although its unconventional structure has been likened to a plane crash, this wing will surely be one of the best buildings in town. Almost as remarkable as the Libeskind design is that… More >>
  • Best Eye in the Sky

    Lynn Carey, Metro Traffic

    Lynn Carey's work ethic, which she displays weekdays on Channel 7 and a slew of radio stations, including the Peak, KDKO, KNUS and Boulder's KWAB, was honed in area restaurants. She spent twenty years working as a waitress at such places as McCormick's Fish House & Bar and Dixons Downtown Grille (she still subs at the Edgewater Inn on occasion),… More >>
  • Best Way to Save the El Jebel Shrine Temple

    Build a fifty-story tower on the parking lot

    The El Jebel Shrine Temple was designed in 1906 by the Baerresen brothers, Denver's kookiest early architects. The Shrine is a former Masonic temple, but it looks like an Arabian Nights fantasy plopped smack-dab in the middle of Capitol Hill. And like many good things in Denver, it's been in danger of falling into the hands of developers who would… More >>
  • Best New Radio Morning Team

    Greg Thunder and Bo Reynolds

    The Greg Thunder and Bo Reynolds tandem, formerly heard on Alice during the afternoon shift, is a significant improvement over Jamie White and Danny Bonaduce, who are slated to return to Denver airwaves later this year on KTCL. Thunder and Reynolds offer up jokey, relationship-oriented talk and comedy à la White and Bonaduce, but they do so in a more… More >>
  • Best Room With a Pew

    The Eisenhower Chapel

    On the second floor of the Denver Club Building, the Eisenhower Chapel is a perfect place for busy business types to escape the noise and motion of downtown: to pray, to meditate, to read or to just eat lunch while sitting on one of the long pews. The non-sectarian refuge, established by the Lions Club in 1955, is open to… More >>
  • Best Talk-Show Host

    Reggie Rivers

    Former Bronco and current Denver Post columnist Reggie Rivers recently had his airtime halved; his 3-7 p.m. weekday program on KHOW now ends two hours earlier. And that's a shame, because while his transition to a drive-time host wasn't entirely smooth, he's developed into an interesting and thoughtful presence who's much more willing than the vast majority of his colleagues… More >>
  • Best Sports-Talk Host

    Joe Williams

    Joe Williams, who's been around this market since time immemorial, has honed his shtick to perfection on The Fan. The self-proclaimed "Voice of Reason" is a cranky, crotchety, argumentative blast from the past who makes up half of what can be a fine old-style comedy team. (Credit Irv Brown for providing the other half.)… More >>
  • Best New Apartment Building

    Capitol Heights Apartments

    The Capitol Heights Apartments, designed by Denver's Studio Completiva and developed by Bruce Heitler, has just risen on what had been one of the bleakest vacant lots in Capitol Hill. The design is sharp, with retro-modern flourishes here and there, such as a striking porte cochere and tutti-frutti-colored walls. Naysayers may point out that the materials aren't as fine as… More >>
  • Best Save of an Old Building

    The Byron G. Rogers Federal Building and Courthouse

    After the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the U.S. General Services Administration began exploring ways to make its properties more "user-friendly." Denver's Byron G. Rogers Federal Building and Courthouse was one of the first in line, and the GSA's original plans for the facility included demolition of the courtyard and trashing of the Edgar… More >>
  • Best Protector of Downtown Denver

    Kathleen Brooker

    Kathleen Brooker, the president of Historic Denver, has had some successes over the years. But when it came to downtown, she, along with the rest of the good guys, often lost out. So Brooker tackled the problem head on and proposed that the city establish a downtown historic district that would prevent the destruction of significant buildings. Instead of fighting… More >>
  • Best Radio Lefty

    David Barsamian

    Interviewer David Barsamian has turned the oddest of specialties -- interviews with liberal thinkers such as Noam Chomsky -- into a genuine career and a national reputation. His Boulder-based program, Alternative Radio, is syndicated on public-radio stations from coast to coast, and it's popularity among young tastemakers is exemplified by Keep Left, Vol. 1, an AR fundraiser/compilation CD featuring acts… More >>
  • Best Cable Premium

    The Alan Gerry Cable Telecommunications Building

    Nearing completion on the University of Denver campus is the glitzy Alan Gerry Cable Telecommunications Building, which will house the National Cable Television Center and Museum, a nonprofit institution that's the brainchild of the late Bob Magness, founder of Telecommunications Inc. Any new building would have needed a distinctive look in order to stand up to the visually emphatic Ritchie… More >>
  • Best TV Newscast -- Night

    Channel 7

    It's no surprise that Tom Green, the best writer among area sportscasters, has announced that he's leaving Channel 7 in a matter of months; when a program is ratings-challenged, as this one is, the team that puts it together tends to fragment. And that's unfortunate in this case, since the structure of KMGH's ten o'clock newscast is sound, its reports… More >>
  • Best Gift for a Lobbyist

    Official Loitering Pass

    One evening early this legislative session, former state representative and current lobbyist Betty Neale was stopped at the State Capitol by a patrolman who thought she looked suspicious -- but, hey, she's a lobbyist! To save Neale (and its own bureaucratic self) from future embarrassments, the Colorado State Patrol subsequently issued Neale a tag that makes her status official: "The… More >>
  • Best Memo

    Written by Larry Burrough
    Denver Post

    In October, the Denver Post was struck by a flood of gaffes -- and in an effort to stem the flow, staffers assembled to discuss the problem. After that meeting, managing editor for news Larry Burrough thanked attendees for their contributions to the session with an e-mail. The rub? The memo itself contained several errors, including the sentence, "It is… More >>
  • Best Cheap Way to Pass an Inclement Day

    Denver Pavilions 15

    Ne'er-do-wells in the know hurry over to the Denver Pavilions whenever the weather looks bad; by the time the Denver Pavilions 15 opens for its first matinees, drunks, bums and other homeless types are ready to buy their tickets. But just one ticket each, mind you. Since the management never really checks to make sure customers leave the theater after… More >>
  • Best Place for a Working-Class Girl to Find an Old Rich Guy

    Ruth's Chris Steak House

    Rich men like steaks, butter and martinis, which is why ambitious girls looking to strike gold should head to Ruth's Chris Steak House. The challenge is to be sexy but not trashy, so add a string of pearls or a tasteful scarf to your tightest skirt, tallest heels and teeniest top. Slide up to the bar and act innocent --… More >>
  • Best Place to Watch Brown Palace Guests in Their Skivvies

    The Trinity Building

    Although employees of Burks Communications, a PR firm on the fourth floor of the Trinity Building, would just as soon the Brown Palace across the street tint its windows, they've had some fun over the years watching naked patrons of the chichi hotel get in and out of their unmentionables. "Butts at the Brown," says company president and CEO Susan… More >>
  • Best Fundraising Gimmick

    2001 Denver Metro Firefighter Calendar

    Whew! Our temperature started rising the second we caught a glimpse of the 2001 Denver Metro Firefighter Calendar, a fundraising deal for the Children's Hospital Burn Center. And since it was such a good cause, we felt it was our duty to buy a couple of calendars to share with friends so we could all appreciate the sacrifices that local… More >>
  • Best Rest Stops -- Rural

    No Name/Grizzly Creek/Bair Ranch

    Kids getting a little cranky on that long car ride? Stop by one of the three rest areas along the Colorado River just east of Glenwood Springs, and let them watch the rafters rushing by. If they're really antsy, tell them to walk along the river to the next rest stop, where you'll pick them up. Maybe.… More >>
  • Best Travelin' Man

    Senator Wayne Allard

    It's not easy staying in touch with your state when it includes 63 (64, once Broomfield's up and running) counties that stretch over thousands of square miles. But Wayne Allard, the Republican veterinarian who's soon to complete his first term in the Senate, knows that it's important to make house calls. Every year since his 1996 election, he's made it… More >>
  • Best Appearance by Coloradans in an Inaugural Parade

    Precision Lawn Chair Demonstration Team

    When President Bill Clinton was inaugurated in 1993, Vail's Precision Lawn Chair Demonstration Team only got to perform at a warm-up event -- and Clinton was a party boy. But at George W. Bush's inauguration, the sixteen-year-old Vail troupe was front and center in the actual parade, sporting shorts in the frigid D.C. weather, twirling lawn chairs like batons… More >>
  • Best Joint Operating Agreement

    Lee Casey's final resting place

    Lee Casey wrote for the Rocky Mountain News in the early 1900s, back in the days when columnists were often far more interesting than the events they chronicled. Casey, for example, was so renowned for his peculiar behavior that he was rumored to be the model for the lead character in Harvey, Mary Chase's play about a fellow whose best… More >>
  • Best Appearance by Colorado in a National Magazine

    Rico, Colorado

    This spring, the tiny town of Rico -- 28 miles south of Telluride and population 140 -- rated a five-page layout in National Geographic. Under the headline "Make No Mistake About It, This Is NOT Telluride," the magazine emphasized Rico's colorful past as a silver-mining town and current pleasures as a small town -- for now. We don't know whether… More >>
  • Best Political Crime-Stoppers Textbook

    Bighorn Center for Public Policy

    If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely -- what about absolute power with big bucks behind it? Gee, that's a question for Lt. Fineprint, Disclosure Detective, who stars in the "Knowledge Is Power" comic book released last election season by the Bighorn Center for Public Policy. "When you're proud of something," the think tank points out, "you put your name… More >>
  • Best Next Job for Wellington Webb

    Ambassador to China

    You might well wonder why Denver is the first American city to have a trade office in China; we certainly have. Nonetheless, Mayor Wellington Webb recently took a fifty-member entourage on a trade mission to Shanghai -- despite the fact that local companies doing business with China already have offices there and thus don't need Denver taxpayers to subsidize them;… More >>
  • Best Cultural Rest Stop

    The courtyard between the Denver Central Library and the Denver Art Museum

    The clouds are lifting, and sunshine is teasing you through the tiny window in your fluorescently lit office. It's time to grab your sack lunch -- or a jumbo dog from the cart at the corner of 13th Avenue and Broadway -- and head for the haven of solar-heated brick and concrete that stretches between the main branch of the… More >>
  • Best Bathroom Campaigner

    Dennis Gallagher

    Denver city councilman Dennis Gallagher knew that politics could stink; he just didn't know how bad -- not until he attended a high school graduation party in Denver's Rocky Mountain Park and was shocked to find raw sewage backed up in the bathroom. And so last year, Gallagher named himself outhouse overlord for the privies in Denver's parks. Since then,… More >>
  • Best Next Job for Wilma Webb

    Mayor of Denver

    During husband Wellington Webb's ten years (and counting) as Denver's mayor, Wilma Webb was always by his side -- even when she was doing double duty as regional secretary of the Department of Labor. As the self-proclaimed First Lady of Denver, she's seen it all -- and no doubt said it all to Wellington, weighing in on the city's civic… More >>
  • Best New Kitsch Landmark

    The Delicate Arch

    When an amusement complex's very name acknowledges that it's in the Boondocks -- in this case, deepest, darkest Northglenn -- it deserves a fitting monument. Something impressive. Something for the ages. Something like a life-sized replica of Utah's Delicate Arch -- which, instead of spanning stunning red-rocks country, here rises 54 feet above a parking lot just off I-25 alongside… More >>
  • Best Media Manipulator

    Jon Caldara
    President, Independence Institute

    Former RTD chair and current Independence Institute head Jon Caldara has wrangled more air time and ink for his conservative causes -- not to mention himself -- than any other politico in town. That's because he not only understands the media, he's willing to feed the beast -- anytime and anywhere. Reporters and editors may not all agree with Caldara's… More >>
  • Best Advice for New Rural Residents

    The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado

    Growth is a hot topic in Colorado these days. But when it comes to knowing and abiding by basic land-use laws, some of those who are most concerned about growth seem to be the most clueless. To help prevent lawsuits and shootouts, a pair of attorney/mediators from southwestern Colorado, Nancy Greif and Erin Johnson, held a "good neighbor" seminar in… More >>
  • Best Hair on a TV News Personality -- Male

    Phil Keating, Channel 31

    The hippest man in local TV, Phil Keating, also has the hippest hair -- a variation on the messy look that allows a strand or two to snake down over his forehead in a pleasingly post-coital way. Watch him in bed for an extra thrill.… More >>
  • Best Urban Frontier

    Old Aurora

    It had to happen. After LoDo filled up with sports bars and law offices, one seedy old Denver neighborhood after another has been renovated and, in the process, emptied of the artists and low-rent inhabitants who gave each area a unique flavor. And now the bohemian crowd has discovered yet another new homeland where the rents are cheap and the… More >>
  • Best Facial Hair on a TV News Personality

    Greg Moody, Channel 4

    There aren't many mustaches on TV, period, so give Greg Moody credit for growing the proudest, bushiest one imaginable -- like Groucho Marx's, except this one's made from follicles, not greasepaint.… More >>
  • Best TV Anchor

    Theresa Marchetta, Channel 4

    Less than two years since she arrived in Denver from a TV stint in Miami, KCNC anchor Theresa Marchetta has established herself as a take-no-crap news reader with a straightforward style and an aversion to the usual lowest-common-denominator approach. Even a series of reports on her own treatment for thyroid cancer -- the sort of story that could easily have… More >>
  • Best Suburban Hangout

    Highlands Ranch storm sewers

    It's hard to be a saint in the city, and even harder to hang in the 'burbs. So Highlands Ranch teens decided to go underground -- literally. But now that county workers have exposed local storm drains sporting graffiti, beer cans, candles and other evidence of adolescent occupation, the hip factor of these hideouts has gone into the sewer. Where… More >>
  • Best Proof That Colorado Is Still the Center of the Universe

    National Institute of Standards and Technology

    National media outlets long ago shifted their attention to more catastrophe-ridden states (after all, the networks couldn't show that clip of JonBenét forever), but Colorado still sets the pace for the rest of the country. That's because the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the hundred-year-old independent agency that started out as the National Bureau of Standards, has a laboratory… More >>
  • Best New Building

    Avaya Communications

    Sitting dramatically on a rise above West 120th Avenue -- and just across from Chili's -- is the stunning Avaya Communications building. The work of world-famous Connecticut architects Kevin Roche and John Dinkeloo, the Avaya is clad in no less than a dozen kinds and colors of glass. Its most distinctive feature, though, is a 300-foot ocular atrium set on… More >>
  • Best TV Weathercaster

    Marty Coniglio, Channel 7

    Marty Coniglio is a reliable presence on Channel 7's underappreciated evening newscast, and a generally accurate one. Better yet, he seems more interested in offering information about the latest weather conditions than in showing off every technical gizmo in his arsenal.… More >>
  • Best New Building in LoDo

    Millennium Building

    Most of the new buildings in LoDo are little more than three-dimensional wallpaper that blends into the background. But every once in a while, an inspired designer comes up with an idea that is compatible with Lower Downtown Historic District requirements and also stands on its own as architecture. Such is the case with the Millennium Building, which was built… More >>
  • Best Radio-Station Slogan

    "The 50,000-Watt Voice of the West"

    If you've got it, flaunt it. … More >>
  • Best Room With a View

    The Dome

    Inside a golden atrium of rectangular windows and ornate woodwork, more than 5,000 feet above sea level and 93 steps above the third floor of the State Capitol Building, you'll find the best panoramic views of Denver and beyond -- way beyond. On a clear day, you can see Pikes Peak, Lookout Mountain and practically all the way to Kansas… More >>
  • Best Old Radio Morning Team

    Lewis and Floorwax

    Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax, who've held down the a.m. slot at the Fox for over ten years, survived a full frontal assault from Howard Stern, who was torn from the market in brusque fashion. Today they remain Denver's favorite rude boys. Or, at this point, rude geezers.… More >>
  • Best Fledgling Talk-Show Host

    Mark Schlereth

    Former Denver Bronco Mark Schlereth, the man who's had more knee surgeries than any other human, has been filling in semi-regularly for Dave Logan on The Sports Zoo, KOA's afternoon-drive staple, and is proving to be just as reliable off the field as he was on. He's an amusing lug who doesn't mind making fun of himself or others when… More >>
  • Best Sports-Talk Intellectual

    Sandy Clough

    The thinking man's sports yakker, Sandy Clough has such a proclivity for multisyllabic discourse that the weekday morning show he co-hosts with Mike Evans frequently offers "The Sandy Clough Word of the Day" as a way for listeners to pump up their word power. Granted, Clough can be overbearing, but he's also serious and incisive, and provides a welcome contrast… More >>
  • Best New Building Under Construction

    Federal Courthouse annex

    One of the first major buildings to be constructed in the central business district in fifteen years is now rising toward the sky. The federal courthouse annex, at 19th and Champa streets, is meant to relieve crowding at the adjacent federal courthouse -- but it also serves as an impressive contribution to downtown. The new building responds well to the… More >>
  • Best Imitation of the Sugar Building

    16 Market Square

    Heading down Blake Street, you may do a double take when you spot the brand-new, red-and-blond-brick 16 Market Square, designed by Hartman Cox, along with Quinlivan Pierik & Krause and David Owen Tryba. "Did they move the Sugar Building?" you might ask. Or worse: "Am I heading the wrong way down Wazee Street?" Actually, the new building is only reminiscent… More >>
  • Best Play-by-Play Announcer

    Jerry Schemmel

    The long-suffering voice of the Denver Nuggets manages to remain on an even keel when the team is playing over its collective head, as well as when it's failing to meet expectations (a much more common scenario). Jerry Schemmel's no-muss-no-fuss delivery and the matter-of-fact tone he uses when expressing his opinions may be the main reason fans of the sub-par… More >>
  • Best New Arts Complex

    The King Center for the Performing Arts

    There may not have been enough money in the budget to furnish it, but there's no denying that the King Center, smack in the middle of Auraria, is a beautiful building. Constructed in raw concrete, glass and red brick, it works perfectly with the rest of the campus. The center is by AR7 Hoover Desmond Architects, with Ranko Ruzic serving… More >>
  • Best TV Newscast -- Morning

    Channel 4

    Morning newscasts are all about balance; they should provide information about important matters yet keep the overall presentation light enough to give viewers a reason to get on with their day. Channel 4 has the mix just about right, thanks to the steady Kathy Soltero, the eccentric Jim Hooley, tightly wound sportscaster Mark McIntosh and weather everyman Dave Aguilera.… More >>
  • Best Launching Pad for Cabinet Positions

    Brownstein, Hyatt & Farber

    We include the phone number only as a courtesy, in case you're considering a career as a public servant. But be warned: Dialing it could cost you up to $500 an hour, the going rate for the top partners at The Firm. Still, that's a small investment if you have an eye on a position in a presidential cabinet --… More >>
  • Best TV Morning-Show Personality

    Dan Daru, Channel 2

    WB2Day is a work in progress, to put it politely, but that hasn't stopped Dan Daru from developing into an entertaining wild card. He's twisted, unpredictable and funny -- and deserves all the attention, as well as slack-jawed stares, that he's received. … More >>