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Best Aerial-Fabric Class Denver 2002 - Aircat Aerial Arts

A sister sport to our buddy the trapeze, aerial fabric is a graceful, artistic and physically challenging discipline. You've maybe seen aerial dancers at the circus or on TV, but you probably never pictured yourself doing such a thing. Cathy Gauch, founder of Aircat Aerial Arts, can teach you. She's well-versed in high-flying acrobatics and has an extensive aerial repertoire, including trapeze, hoops, ropes, bungees, swings, straps and fabric. She teaches novice and intermediate aerial dancers ages twelve and up at her studio in Boulder and at Bladium Sports Club, where our friends from Thin Air Trapeze also teach. Additionally, Gauch teaches aerial hoops, Spanish web rope and classes for kids between four and eight. Aircat Aerial Arts is also a performance company. Look for more information at
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I'm seriously interested in taking part in aerial arts as a lifestyle and need advice or instruction on how to fulfill my goals. Thanks


id really like to get into the trapeze and aerial fabric classes. im already in gymnastics so i have a little flexibility and other gym experience. i really need these classes and i hope you can send me any information possible.