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Best Comeback Denver 2002 - Barry Fey

Barry, Barry, Barry: How can we miss you if you won't go away? Last summer, in a battle plan that rivaled the Invasion of Normandy for buildup and strategizing -- although the plans for D-Day were kept secret -- longtime concert promoter Barry Fe re-entered the fray, joining up with House of Blues (the outfit he sold his concert-promotions company to four years ago) to take on Clear Channel for Colorado's concert business.
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I have great memories going to a bunch of your concerts barryin the early 80's! i have the honor to say i've been to a bunch at the RAINBOW MUSIC HALL and several at red rocks! it was great experiencingu2 at RMH and i left denver too early to miss u2 at red rocks! (the new U2 UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY CD/DVD is quite a portfolio piece 4U!)

mark jaquette