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Best Liquor Is Quicker but Candy Is Dandy Tour Denver 2002 - Hammond's Candies

Hammond\'s Candies

Hammond's Candies

5735 N. Washington St.

Denver, CO 80216


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When you're suddenly overcome by a craving for sweets -- you know, that sudden unstoppable need for sugar -- Hammond's Candies satisfies. Before you sink your sweet tooth into a gooey strawberry caramel or break off a piece of the company's famous ribbon candy, though, you might want to take a free tour of the factory. After all, the buildup is half the fun. During the thirty-minute tour, you'll see how the edible ribbons are hand-pulled and crimped to produce the wavy candy for which Hammond's is so well known. You'll drool at the vat of butter into which nuts and sugar are stirred for toffee production. And you'll feel like a kid awaiting Christmas as you watch the candy makers form long ropes of confection into lollipops and candy canes. Although you'll get samples along the way, you can't fully indulge until after the tour, which ends with a trip to the gift shop, where your patience will be amply rewarded.
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lori Kendis
lori Kendis

The address has since changed

5735 North Washington StreetDenver CO 80216

lori Kendis
lori Kendis

Tour was incredible even for adults. It amazes me how much the candy is an a piece of art. The process is amazing.