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Best Mop Shop Denver 2002 - Eze Mop Co.

Back when Denver really was a dusty old cowtown, the Jurenka clan came to town to clean up -- or at least give its good citizens the tools to do it. You might think that the venerable Eze Mop Company hasn't changed much since its founding more than fifty years ago, but you're wrong, pard. Second-generation owner David Jurenka can sell you any kind of brush, scrubber, duster, broom or mop known to man, including the one he makes himself, the eponymous Eze Mop. He has pails and cleaning products, too, as well as washtubs, cloths and anything else you need to keep your space spotless.

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karen cabrera
karen cabrera

I was introduced to this mop in 1980 and have been buying ever since. the absolute best product ever. but cant find on line to reorder??