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Best Place to Greet an Animated Cat Denver 2002 - Hello Kitty World

She's cute, she's cuddly, she's friendly -- and she's everywhere. Ever since the Japanese toy company Sanrio unveiled Hello Kitty in the '70s, little girls the universe over have been snapping up pens, packs, umbrellas and underwear bearing her image. And although Miss Kitty is now available in major retail outlets, fans will worship Min Min Chinese Restaurant's small shrine to the feline. The selection is exhaustive, so block some time to look around after your meal. Fortune cookie says: If you have a young daughter, or just like Japanese kitsch, Hello Kitty World is in your future.

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there is a Hello Kitty store in Downtown Denver, its called Lollipop Gift, they sell so much Hello Kitty products, what makes this store great is all thier Hello Kitty products are REAL and from Sanrio and Sanrio Ya, some are actually imported in from Japan!! go to the Denver Pavilions and check out their store, it is really cool, I have been in 3 times shopping and will be back many more times!! amy