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Best Place to Score a Birdie Denver 2002 - Exotic Birds of Denver/
Carson's Outbound Golf

How often does it happen that a man can satisfy dueling passions under one roof? Dave Carson has done it at Exotic Birds of Denver/Carson's Outbound Golf, a dual-purpose business in a Littleton strip mall. The northern half of the store deals in hand-fed, hand-raised parrots -- absolutely fascinating creatures that happen to be smarter, better-looking and more eloquent than a lot of humans. In the southern sphere of Carson's world -- there's no intervening wall or door -- you can pick out a Big Bertha driver, a dozen Titleists, or components to build your own customized set of golf clubs. Carson also does equipment repair and regripping under the watchful eyes of his colorful feathered friends across the room.
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Sonya Weindling
Sonya Weindling

I have two exotic birds that I am interested in selling to someone who will care for them. One is a lessor sulfer crestedcocatoo and the other is a blue and gold mccaw.