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Best Place to Tell Your Mother You're Gay Denver 2002 - BJ's Carousel - CLOSED

BJ\'s Carousel

BJ's Carousel

1380 S. Broadway

Denver, CO 80210


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Okay, maybe the name should be her first clue, but if that doesn't do it, a walk through the bar, filled with drag queens and male strippers, might be all she needs. But sometimes Mom just doesn't get it, and that's when you can sit down in the colorful dining room at BJ's Carousel and, over very good, all-you-can-eat spaghetti for $2.50, drop the bomb. If she runs out screaming, you won't have blown too much cash, and any change you have left over will snag a bag of popcorn from the old-fashioned machine in front. Then you can sit back and watch the floor show.
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