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Best View of Denver Traffic Denver 2002 -

Keep your eyes on the road! Scott Yates does, and the result is MyTrafficNews, an amusing, informative, highly opinionated Web site. "Our corporate philosophy is that the world could use a little less of the corporate mindset," reads the site's fine print. "Traffic is a drag, and we just want to do what we can to help, starting with trying to treat readers like human beings." A good example of that treatment: Readers can get personalized afternoon e-mails that predict problems on their commute home that day. Sponsored by RTD with an assist from 9News (and its helicopter), MyTrafficNews dispenses current traffic and construction information with a humorous twist: "Unless a volcano erupts underneath the Mousetrap," read one posting on March 11, "we're figuring today will be a better drive home than it was Friday."
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