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Best Breakfast at 2 a.m. Denver 2003 - Pete's Kitchen

Pete\'s Kitchen

Pete's Kitchen

1962 E. Colfax Ave.

Denver, CO 80206


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Readers' Choice: Pete's Kitchen
For those with a serious case of insomnia, Pete's Kitchen is like the land of the midnight sun. No matter what the clock says, on the weekends you can always rise and shine with breakfast at Pete's, a late-night oasis serving a unique blend of Greek, gringo-Mexican and American dive cuisine -- griddle-fried eggs, homemade pies, excellent gyros cut from a giant meat stick rotating in front of the grill -- to drunks, punks, suits and fruits in equal measure. The poised and patient waitstaff has probably seen more of Denver's late-night underbelly than the cops and cabbies who number among Pete's regulars.
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