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Best China-Painting Supplies Denver 2003 - Kathy Peterson's The Good Stuff

If you've got CPS (china-painting syndrome), you know the quality of your finished product depends entirely on the quality of the materials you use. That's why Kathy Peterson, a recognized china- and glass-painting expert, offers only "the good stuff" -- porcelain blanks from Limoges and Arzberg, natural-hair brushes, paints in every color for any surface, gold paste, banding wheels, books. And you don't have to dig to China to get ideas. Her Web site features an online store, tips from Kathy herself, a list of upcoming seminars and useful links to the wide, wonderful world of this dazzling art form. Break in.
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Horse Painting
Horse Painting

Kathy started this business in 1990 calling it The China Warehouse. The goal was to provide a definite need for quality porcelain and china painting supplies at reasonable prices. The business was renamed Kathy Peterson's "THE GOOD STUFF" to reflect the first quality and always unique items that Kathy carries. Several years ago, Kathy purchased and now owns the JOSEPHINE AND POLLYANNA lines of china painting brushes, oils, paints and supplies.