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Best Dance Club for Hooking Up Denver 2003 - Alley Cat Night Club

Readers' Choice: The Church
If you're enough of a hep cat to gain entrance into the Alley Cat Night Club - finding its darkened doorway in a Glenarm Street alley is a feat in itself -- you'll be within purring distance of some of the city's most purebred socialites. The VIP room is an A-list extravaganza, where singles swill and swoon in plush, let's-get-cozy nooks; a revolving cast of dancers prance on a center platform, suggesting all the fun things newly paired patrons might do after finishing off a little Stoli or Cristal. There's nothing like a little bottle service and some beautiful, gyrating bodies to set the mood, after all. Go get 'em, tiger.
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if anyone has ever been to alley cat and seen this guy theo dance!then you have seen the best dancer in denver no question about it.