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Best Dry Humor Denver 2003 - Denver Water

The bad news about Colorado's drought was still trickling out last summer when Denver Water decided to alert the public -- gently -- to a potentially dire situation. The agency's $75,000 "It's a Drought. Do Something" campaign -- designed by Sukle Advertising and Design in Lakewood-- debuted in the heat of July, with people standing on street corners wearing old-fashioned sandwich boards and T-shirts, urging people to "Brush every other tooth," "Instead of a dishwasher, get a dog" and "Shower in groups." The campaign spilled over into bars, too, where special coasters told consumers to "Save Water. Drink Beer." The popular and populist approach was a hit, but Sukle took one, too; Even though the campaign won eight awards in Denver Advertising Federation show, Denver Water awarded its 2003 conservation contract to O'Brien Advertising.
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