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Best Garden Fountains Denver 2003 - Paris Blue

Backyard fountains are an apparently unfortunate business to be in during times of drought, but Jim Huddle of Paris Blue has weathered the storm -- or lack of it -- with aplomb. He carries a plethora of the sparkling jet d'eau, from Zen-inspired tabletop models to ostentatiously classical cherub-adorned ones resting on bubbly fish pedestals. Don't miss his zillion and one urns, trellises, colorful Mexican glassware and charming cast-iron garden ornaments to complete your Eden.
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  garden fountains
garden fountains

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Both types of fountain, electric and solar-powered, rely on a water pump system that recycles its water in a continuous flow. Look for birdbath fountains that include a low-voltage, replaceable pump to ensure your fountain will give you hassle-free year-round enjoyment.