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Best New Public Art Denver 2003 - Untitled Sculpture by Larry Kirkland

Readers' Choice: "Untitled," by Larry Kirkland (at the Wellington Webb Municipal Building)
The Wellington E. Webb building in the Denver Civic Center complex is so lavish, it's been dubbed the "Webb Mahal" and, in honor of its prow-like shape, the "good ship Welly-pop." But the building has undeniable appeal, a large part of it due to public art -- especially Larry Kirkland's untitled sculpture, which has its own nickname: "Big Giant Head." The marble sculpture in the form of a two-faced Janus has generated national attention, even showing up on CNN -- not because it's good (which it is), but because its two noses created a hazard for the blind. It's not easy for a new sculpture to match the best the Civic Center already has to offer, but Kirkland's stands a head above the rest of the city's new public art.
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