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Best TV Weathercaster Denver 2003 - Bob Goosmann
Channel 31

Readers' Choice: Kathy Sabine
When most weather forecasters predict storms or systems that either fail to materialize or blow up to much larger proportions than they anticipated, they seldom acknowledge it. Bob Goosmann, on the other hand, is the rare weatherman who'll admit to screwups and explain where things went wrong. He's not afraid to take chances, as he did when positing that the scope of our March blizzard could be "historic." (Hit that one on the nose, didn't he?) But Goosmann makes it clear -- by, among other things, calculating likely temperature ranges instead of pinpointing exact numbers -- that he's in the business of educated guesses, not telling the future. To put it another way, he's the most honest weatherman in the market, and we're the better for it.
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