Shopping & Services

  • Best Free Service

    Denver's Rejection Hotline

    So you're at a bar, and a certain creepy someone is refusing to leave you alone unless you give him or her your phone number. What to do? Tell the heavy breather in question to call you at 303-575-1696 -- digits that just happen to dial up Denver's Rejection Hotline, a local service of the Web site Although the… More >>
  • Best Free Seasonal Service

    soberRide Free Cab Rides New Year's Eve

    Carousing in LoDo got a whole lot easier -- or at least a bit more sensible -- last New Year's Eve, thanks to the soberRide program underwritten by AT&T Wireless. Folks who'd overdone the bubbly and lacked the means or foresight to book a room downtown for the night were provided free cab rides (up to $50 in value). From… More >>
  • Best Free Service at DIA

    AMPCO System Parking
    Denver International Airport

    Sometimes it seems like DIA doesn't want anyone to leave. Is there some kind of strange force field that sucks the juice from car batteries, flattens tires and disguises vehicles parked in the sprawling economy lots and distant car-parks, rendering their owners powerless to drive far, far away? Perhaps -- but it's no match for the good people at AMPCO… More >>
  • Best DIA Survival Guide

    How to Be a Frequent Flier: Version 2.0
    E. Larry Beaumont

    After over two million hours of air travel, the average American would pull out his or her hair. But Littleton resident E. Larry Beaumont didn't do that. Instead, he wrote a book to help other frequent fliers survive the perils of air travel unscathed. From pre-travel planning, check-in and boarding to flight and arrival, Beaumont takes travelers through the experience… More >>
  • Best Freebie at the Cherry Creek Mall

    Free Air Compressor

    It's not easy finding something for nothing at the Cherry Creek Mall. Certainly there are deals to be had, but nothing, not even the free perfume samples, matches the value of the free air compressor behind the mall (near Chevy's). No doubt intended for cyclists passing by on the Cherry Creek Bike Path, the air compressor also beckons to four-wheelers… More >>
  • Best Ride

    Yellow Cab Limousine

    Former Bronco Chris Watson may have been traded to the Buffalo Bills, but his cousin Corey Carver is still rollin' here -- in a Yellow Cab limo. Carver followed the 1999 third-round draft pick from Illinois to Denver, where he started driving a cab and set up a limo business. He sold his company but retained a car, which he… More >>
  • Best Latte and Automated Massage Inside a Car Wash

    Evergreen Car Wash and Detail

    If you're self-indulgent enough to let someone else wash your car, why not take it to the limit? At Evergreen Car Wash, you'll never find yourself idling by the air-freshener display while your car gets the once-over. Instead, you'll enter a calm oasis of a lounge, featuring an espresso bar, leather massager/ recliners and works of high-end original art. Talk… More >>
  • Best Internet Traffic Monitor

    How's traffic look today? Denver's city Web site offers computer users a way to find out quickly. The traffic pages feature maps that offer real-time views from cameras located at key intersections, like Broadway and Colfax, and 17th and Welton streets. Also included are links to a Colorado Department of Transportation site that provides access to cameras peeking at sections… More >>
  • Best Free Critter Counseling

    Animal Behavior Helpline

    Cats and dogs do the darnedest things. They like to eat floorboards, pee on bath towels when a litter box is available and stage passive-aggressive coups against their slumbering masters. Why, why, why do they do it? The staff that mans the Denver Dumb Friends League Animal Behavior Helpline has a few theories -- and they're willing to share with… More >>
  • Best Dog-Obedience Class

    Hounds on the Hill

    A dog and his owner are both happier when the four-legged one has learned to mind his manners. Even if your corgi seems incorrigible, trainer Terri Desnica can help. Desnica has been training canines for years, and she offers a seven-week basic obedience class at Hounds on the Hill, as well as a puppy kindergarten and advanced courses. With practice,… More >>
  • Best Pet-Supply Store

    Sixth Avenue Pet Supplies

    You don't have to be in the doghouse to visit the yellow house on 6th Avenue. This indie store is packed to the collar with natural food and treats, grooming products, toys and even doggie driver's licenses. Catering mostly to dogs and cats (and their owners), the store also has gear for fish, hamsters and turtles. Pets are welcome in… More >>
  • Best Doggie Daycare

    Golden Bone Doggie Country Club

    At this country club, Muffy and Biff aren't just nicknames -- they're status symbols woven into guests' collars and leashes. While you're off at the rat race all day, your furry companion will be racing around on the Golden Bone's padded floors and playing with other doggies in age-appropriate groups under the supervision of the pooch-loving staff. And, like some… More >>
  • Best Place to Rent a Down-and-Out Ritzy Pooch

    St. Regis Hotel

    Some hotels are pet-friendly, and then there are really pet-friendly hotels. Not only will the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen let you bring your pooch, but they'll even find one for you to borrow. Concierge Tim Sanders helps those missing the comfort of their canines find solace in a companion from the Aspen Animal Shelter. And they're on loan by… More >>
  • Best Doggie Photos

    Doggone It, Every Dog's a Diva

    Sit. Siiiiit. Good dog! Now watch the birdie, but don't chomp on it. Of course, that may not be the exact way they do it at Doggone It, Every Dog's a Diva, but the result of their approach is an inexpensive way to commemorate man's best friend with photographs that illustrate each dog's personality. The service, which costs $54.95 and… More >>
  • Best Place to Take a Dip With Your Dog

    Maxfund Animal Adoption Center

    Summers in Colorado may be dry, the fountains off and the lakes low, but the Maxfund Animal Adoption Center offers a little relief for your pooch's paws. With just a five-spot donation, Fido or Fifi can take a swim in the therapy pool. The Turkish baths it's not, but the water is cool and available year round, from 11 a.m.… More >>
  • Best Alternative to a Strip Mall

    Lowry Town Center

    The ballyhooed "new urbanist" development at Lowry is a mixed bag, with much of it looking more suburban than citified. But the Town Center, by Denver architect David Owen Tryba, is true to new urbanism's best intentions: It's pedestrian-oriented and designed to a human scale, with parking lots hidden from view. The idea is to get people out of their… More >>
  • Best Way to Avoid Home Depot

    Meyer Hardware

    A branch of The Store That Must Not be Named may squat just outside Golden, but Meyer Hardware has been a downtown fixture for 58 years and has no intention of leaving. Owner Steve Schaefer took it over from his father, who took it over from his father-in-law. And now Steve's son patrols the aisles when on break from college.… More >>
  • Best Scenic Hardware Store That Sells Food

    Kneisel & Anderson Grocery and Hardware

    Prospectors and silver swells stopped by this spanking-new emporium in search of fresh-baked bread, groceries and other items for everyday living, circa 1883: lamp oil, lye soap, maybe some stout twine and sturdy canvas. One 120 years later, the miners have faded, but local residents and tourists still stop by Kneisel & Anderson's historic building to pick up groceries and… More >>
  • Best Way to Get Movies, Smokes and Ice Cream Delivered


    Using messengers on Vespas, Zuvo drivers bring not documents, but the real necessities of life to your door: DVDs, Two-Fisted Mario's pizza, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, chips and even toilet paper. And they do it in less than an hour. Zuvo, an online convenience store, was created by Boulderite Danny Newman a year ago and has been serving central… More >>
  • Best Recycled Recycling Information

    Second Life for Stuff in Denver
    Sally Kurtzman

    This handy little ten-page booklet, by former Rocky Mountain News columnist Sally Kurtzman, continues the service she started in the tabloid with "The Stuff Exchange." People with old-but-serviceable stuff are told how to get in touch with organizations that can put that stuff to good use. Second Life lists contact numbers for organizations in need of commonly found household items,… More >>
  • Best Store on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall

    Boulder Book Store

    The Boulder Book Store is a browser's paradise, thoughtfully laid out and designed, full of warm woods and sporting an eclectic and extensive assortment of books (many accompanied by staff, public or media reviews). From the travel, history and cookbooks of the lowest floor, through the long shelves of literary works, to the health and spiritual offerings at the top… More >>
  • Best Store on Colfax

    Earth Spirit

    As its name suggests, Earth Spirit peddles products of a slightly groovy nature: Incense, Zen artifacts, stones, herbal soaps, that kind of thing. But for all its hippie tendencies, the modestly sized Colfax retailer remains tethered to the ground, offering unique gifts and original works by artists both local and far-flung. Stocked with small stone Buddhas, paper lanterns shaped like… More >>
  • Best Store on Broadway

    Manos Folk Art

    Thanks to Salma Hayek and Hollywood, iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo entered the North American consciousness in a major way in 2002. But at Manos Folk Art, Frida and her husband, painter Diego Rivera, have always been heroes: Images of the practically sainted pair turn up in many of the collage-style creations offered in the store's spacious new location on… More >>
  • Best Store in Cherry Creek

    Creator Mundi

    Shopping is a religion in posh Cherry Creek, and Creator Mundi offers a spiritual reprieve amid all of the modern commerce. You can find God -- or, at least, a bronze, wood, or gilded representation of Him -- for a price that won't require the sale of your soul. The shop specializes in handcrafted religious icons, jewelry, statues, plaques and… More >>
  • Best Store at Park Meadows


    There aren't many reasons to brave T-Rex, but Crate&Barrel in Park Meadows is one. The huge homeware store has everything a grown-up needs to play house, from inexpensive flower pots to professional-quality pans. Long known for its extensive selection of glass and barware, Crate&Barrel is sure to have that funky element you need for your next tiki or martini party.… More >>
  • Best Store at FlatIrons Crossing

    Nordstrom Rack

    There's a truth that's known to all dedicated bargain shoppers: Once you've snagged your first pair of, say, alligator slingbacks, for the cost of a self-service car wash, it's damn near impossible to go back to paying full price for anything. But when it comes to couture, there's a difference between inexpensive and cheap, and the wares at Nordstrom Rack… More >>
  • Best Store at Colorado Mills

    The LEGO Store

    It was a familiar story last year: When Colorado Mills opened just in time for the holiday shopping season, it was a like a pilgrimage site. Denizens of the metro area faced west, and some actually even made it there to shop -- often with hungry children and bored dads draped around their necks, weighing them down like a string… More >>
  • Best Regional Retail Addition to a Mall

    Hanna Andersson Outlet Store
    Colorado Mills

    While it may not tout the best bargains or the frilliest frocks for kids in all of Colorado Mills, Hanna Andersson has a surplus of rugged, smart, sweet and comfy quality going for it -- something aficionados of the company's mail-order catalogue have known for years. Made from natural fabrics designed to last, in enduring European styles that also withstand… More >>
  • Best Congregation for Holy Rollers

    Church in the Wind

    Hells Angels have become heaven's angels at this church formed by born-again biker Gary Davis. After Davis had a religious awakening thirty years ago, he dropped out of a hardcore motorcycle club and devoted his life to Jesus. Davis went on to operate motorcycle missions for several years, before forming Church in the Wind in 1996. Every Friday night since… More >>
  • Best Congregation for Hip-Hop Holy Rollers

    SK8church Ministry
    Meadows Shopping Center

    Just about every Monday and Thursday night, skater kids come to this huge indoor skatepark in Warehouse 180 at Meadows that's leased by Foothills Community Church, and they have a divine time. While their grunge-wear and dyed hair would make them a perfect fit on the 16th Street Mall, they find a welcome from the Foothills congregation at SK8church. So… More >>
  • Best Bible Booster

    Psalm Weaver

    Years ago, the three o'clock hour was a time when Christians united to pray. Alan Wostenberg hasn't forgotten that, and he's using technology to remind others of this time to pray. The idea started when he and his wife promised to pray for one another every day. He continued to forget, and programmed his computer to give him a daily… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Salvation

    The Catholic Store

    Short of going to confession, a trip to the Catholic Store may be all that's needed to ease a heavy heart. This huge store carries rosaries of every shape and shade, vials of holy water, large statues of saints for the front lawn and tiny statuettes for the household shrine. Or shop on line at The devout will also… More >>
  • Best Holy Water

    Church of St. Vincent de Paul

    Lourdes almighty! The Church of St. Vincent de Paul is awash in holy water from the site in southern France where a peasant girl --later known as St. Bernadette -- reported seeing repeated apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1858. The mother of Jesus told the child to dig a grotto, and a spring sprang forth. Believers note that it… More >>
  • Best Crossover Artist

    Bruce Moen

    In his previous existence, Bruce Moen was an engineer for Coors Brewing Co.; now he spends a great deal of time exploring the afterlife and helping "newgoners" to get on with their journeys to higher planes of consciousness. He regularly plumbs the depths of the place he says we go in death and dreams, bringing back enough experiences and insights… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Some Luck

    Twelfth House

    Out of work? Looking to score? Or just need a little touch of Irish luck? Proprietor Mark Husson at Twelfth House has luck for sale. Put an angel in your pocket for just a buck. Beckon fortunes to come your way with enameled Chinese fish. Think green year-round with silver shamrocks, or return harmony to your love life and home… More >>
  • Best Fresh-Air Fortune-Teller

    Dustin Ceballos

    Name a bustling outdoor spot (Ballpark Market? LoDo sidewalks?), and Denver psychic/mystic Dustin Ceballos can probably be found there at one time or another, sitting legs akimbo on a tattered rug, hunched over a patron's palm. Ceballos makes a living soothing the future solely for tips, finding customers by hawking his talents on crowded streets. Denver's antiquated "no public fortune-telling"… More >>
  • Best Stop Before Girls' -- or Ghouls' -- Night Out

    Studio Lites

    Drag performers and career monsters flock to Studio Lites, a teeny Broadway space crammed with lots of things to make her, him or it feel pretty. Zombie Webmaster Maris the Great comes to Lites for its green face paint and fake blood -- the kind of specialty cosmetics you're not likely to find at Walgreen's. And any self-respecting queen of… More >>
  • Best Guilt-Free Shopping for Sexy Stuff

    Pandora's Toy Box

    Shoppers normally too embarrassed to linger over lingerie are strongly encouraged to get over themselves when they step inside Pandora's Toy Box. Owner Kevin Larson emphasizes sensuality as well as customer care, with a hearty pro-pleasure vibe that's welcoming even to novices. Don't know what that large oblong contraption on the table is? Somebody will explain it to you, sweetie;… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Real Cuban Cigars

    El Cid's

    Screw those whiny city anti-smoking ordinances. For some, nothing beats a fat stogie and a stiff drink after a tough week. Lucky for you, El Cid's tobacco shop in northwest Denver is moments away from anywhere, and it features more than a hundred varieties of fine cigars imported from various steamy Central American climes and lovingly housed in a terrifically… More >>
  • Best Zoot Suits


    If reat pleats, drapes, ankle-chokers, pachuco chains and chalk stripes are your style, then Craig Peņa and Jay Salas are the vatos for you. During the past six years, they've sold more than a million dollars' worth of zoot suits and accessories, and outfitted everyone from Garth Brooks to Sugar Shane Mosley. With original designs, custom fittings and cutting-edge attitudes,… More >>
  • Best Place to Get Big-City Threads


    If you want to look cool, it's all about denim. And to get the trendy styles and labels worn by J. Lo and Tom (Cruise, that is), swing by Hub for a pair of G-Star, Diesel or Miss Sixty jeans -- you might choose to live in Aurora, but you don't have to dress like it. An airy Larimer boutique… More >>
  • Best Budget Wedding Dresses

    Puttin' on the Ritz

    A sad classified ad might start: Wedding dress for sale, never worn. But that's just what you'll happily find at Puttin' on the Ritz, a resale women's clothing shop where many of the gowns in the bridal room come from stores that just don't do sales: All are priced between $99 and $800. That leaves more dough for a rockin'… More >>
  • Best Unusual Wedding Venue

    The Butterfly Pavilion

    Imagine not having to worry about coordinating the colors of your wedding party and the decor because as you exchange your vows, you're surrounded by lush tropical foliage and a shimmering cloud of delicate floating wings in ever-changing iridescent hues. Once the staff of the Butterfly Pavilion realized that couples were surreptitiously renting the conservatory for their nuptials, they knew… More >>
  • Best Bargain on the 16th Street Mall

    T J Maxx

    If you've got money to burn, the mall shuttle can drop you at your boutique of choice. But dedicated bargain shoppers make a beeline for T J Maxx, where the varied inventory is as much of a thrill as the gasp-inducing prices. Along with women's clothing, the astute buyer can find everything from designer cosmetics to chic, 100 percent cotton… More >>
  • Best Trunk Shows

    Gypsies Collection

    Carolyn Fineran's Cherry Creek North boutique Tapestry went by the wayside a few years ago, but the charmingly eclectic spirit of the place hasn't faded: It's simply been reincarnated and given new life as Gypsies Collection. And so, Fineran is back, passing on her love of handcrafted, ethnic- inspired textiles and jewelry to grateful and adventurous customers left bereft by Tapestry's… More >>
  • Best Hole-in-the-Wall Boutique

    Frolik on 32nd

    Young? Restless? Seeking style that's cool for the moment, yet as timeless as your grandma's wedding ring? Clatter up the steps of this store in an old Highland Square house, and you're home. In fact, you just might be tempted to hang up your coat in the entryway and stay forever, playing dress-up like you did as a kid. And… More >>
  • Best Exotic Curtains

    Nepali Bazaar

    Too shy to wrap yourself in a sari, but you still like the look of the thing? Hang one on your window and light some incense for an exotic effect: You can get both at Nepali Bazaar's new storefront location in the Platte Valley, where proprietress Melissa Shakya sells the most beautiful ready-made, jewel-colored sari-cloth curtains ever to waft… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Gifts for an Aspiring Geisha

    Pacific Mercantile Co.

    Sakura Square gets that Gion feeling in the gift-laden aisles at the back of Pacific Mercantile Co., where flirty fans, kimonos, Chinese shoes, hair ornaments and bamboo screens entice Japanophiles away from more conventional grocery shopping. The merchandise ranges from practical to playful: Sake and sushi sets, rice makers and workmanlike woks are shelved alongside framed art, lacquer Tokyo-style lunchboxes… More >>
  • Best Dancing-Girl Togs

    Tibet Imports

    If Madonna wore it three years ago, it's the bomb today among the hoi polloi. That's the story with exotic ethnic-wear. So dot your forehead and head to Tibet Imports, the place in town to buy lengha cholis: three-piece East Indian ensembles made up of a midriff top, flowing skirt and shawl in breezy, diaphanous chiffons with beaded or embroidered… More >>
  • Best Baby Tutus

    Talulah Jones

    What are little girls made of? These days, nobody knows for sure, but before your little one grows up, dyes her hair purple, gets tattooed and endures 98 piercings, dress her in tulle and chiffon. Just this once. You may never again see anything sweeter. At Talulah Jones, you can buy the goods: pearly, translucent puffs of marshmallowy fabric for… More >>
  • Best T-Shirts for Little Rockers

    Rupp's Drums

    The joke goes something like this: Little Johnny proclaims that when he grows up, he wants to be a drummer. "But darling," his mummy says, "You can't do both!" Though he might not garner the approval of his mother, that aspiring tyke would find plenty to bang about at Rupp's Drums, where owner and legendary skinsman Bob Rupp sells tiny… More >>
  • Best Bargain Baby Shopping -- Used

    Baby Buds

    Yes, both Buds ventures are faith-based, but you don't have to subscribe to qualify for the excellent bargains available at both. (Belay Enterprises, the organization behind Baby Buds, also runs Buds Warehouse, a building-materials thrift emporium on Brighton Blvd.) And what bargains they are, displayed on orderly clothing racks, sporting tags that range from Cherokee to Ralph Lauren and neatly… More >>
  • Best Bargain Baby Shopping -- New

    Children's Place Outlet Store
    Colorado Mills

    If you're a typical consumer/parent, you probably know the Children's Place, a fast-growing chain brightening up malls around town and across the nation with inexpensive, stylish kidswear that manages to look cute, colorful and completely with-it for the short time it actually fits. And when the stuff goes on sale, it really feels like a sale: You can grab up… More >>
  • Best Exorbitant Baby Shopping


    There's a growing retail niche hawking urbane fashions for wee clothes horses, and Posh is riding the wave: In addition to its accessories for adult city folk -- from flowing, flimsy dressing gowns to beaded flip-flops -- this Highland Square shop devotes its entire back level to out-of-the-ordinary baby attire, toys and furniture. And whether you're shopping for your own… More >>
  • Best Gifts That Make a Lasting Impression

    Mama's Belly

    Local sculptor Maggie Stewart was already an expert on the creation of art, but somewhere along the way she also figured out how to translate her talents into an art of creation. She came up with the idea of casting a bowl over the distended form of a pregnant woman's tummy, and her totally unique business, Mama's Belly, was, well,… More >>
  • Best Costume Shop

    Disguises Affordable Costume Rentals

    Hey, just because the economy's in the dumper is no reason to quit playing dress-up. In fact, this might be the best time to try on a new identity without going broke. Disguises, a costume megastore, is a great place to start, with 15,000 costumes housed in what was once six strip-mall storefronts. It's now decked out with a hand-painted… More >>
  • Best Shoe Store

    Off Broadway Shoes
    Colorado Mills

    This place is so big -- 23,000 square feet -- that you have to strategize before shopping. Just walking around and looking at the shoes won't do, because the thousands of pairs will soon make you dizzy. Instead, you need to know exactly what you're looking for -- say brown Italian-leather loafers -- and then head to that section. You'll… More >>
  • Best Place to Shine Up Your Shoes

    Concourses at DIA

    Instead of the good old days of rushing to the gate just as the plane is about to pull away, security restrictions now require all of us to check in at the airport ages before our flights actually leave. Rather than hunkering down at Red Rocks Bar, board the train to your designated concourse for five minutes of relaxation at… More >>
  • Best Place to Get Groped for Cheap

    Heritage College of Massage

    Are you long on tension but short on cash? Heritage College of Massage performs full-body massages for just $19 -- quite a deal, compared to $60 or more for a rubdown at a high-end studio. Worried your spine will be karate-chopped mercilessly by some ham-fisted Massage 101 dropout? Relax -- the students who conduct the economy massage are advanced learners… More >>
  • Best Homegrown Cold Remedy to Go National

    Cold Snap
    Oriental Herb Company

    Twenty-seven years ago, Don Hayes was practicing acupuncture in the Colorado foothills when his wife, Hannah, a teacher with an interest in Chinese herbal remedies, began mixing formulas for specific clients. Her own tendency to come down with colds increased her zeal. "And finally," she says, "because we're a little slow, we said, hey, we're making the same formula for… More >>
  • Best Homegrown Cold Remedy to Stay Local

    Fresh Fat-Noodle Soup
    Richard Lee Noodle House

    Made fresh daily on the premises, Richard Lee's noodles bear no resemblance to the dried stuff you find in a box. Mix them with Asian vegetables, the meat of your choice and, especially, the house-made killer paste of a hot sauce, and whatever ails you will become a distant memory.… More >>
  • Best Follicle Restorer

    Follicle Nutrient System (FNS), by Osmotics

    Great moments in science: the discovery of penicillin; the cure for polio; and now, Dr. Ella Lindenbaum's research has yielded the Follicle Nutrient System (FNS). The natural, non-hormonal treatment increases hair thickness and strength. And while there's no truth to the story that Ozzy Osbourne was an early guinea pig, it is certain that the stuff has found a niche… More >>
  • Best Bikini Waxer Who Sings

    Mila Svirina
    Cutting Edge Salon

    Those who've been waxed by Mila never return to anyone else. "We call her the rock star," says her co-worker, Stephanie Martinez. "She sings, she hums; she actually enjoys what she's doing. On Valentine's Day, she'll do you heart-shaped. There's always something special with her." A seasoned aesthetician, Mila also does facials, but she's known for unparalleled attention to molten… More >>
  • Best Place to Get Transported to a Caribbean Rainforest

    Spa Universaire

    For a quick jaunt to the rainforest or a soothing Oriental waterfall, book a massage at the swank Spa Universaire in the Golden Triangle. Their nine destination-themed rooms are spicier than standard spa fare, bringing the exotic to your afternoon. The Rocky Mountain Room comes complete with Native American music and peppermint and fir aromatherapy, while the Safari Room offers… More >>
  • Best Place to Get Lost on a Rainy Day

    W-O-W Antiques and Boutiques

    This huge home-decor bazaar is a wonderful afternoon's ramble through a jungle of antiques and other cool stuff. No longer just a showcase for the antiques and antique-looking furniture created by Scott Soffa's SMS Studios and Mark Cameron's Ruins, the two-story Woodmen of the Word building now boasts sixty dealers who specialize in everything from rare collectibles to fanciful home… More >>
  • Best Garden Accessories

    Silver Dollar Trading Co.

    Successful outdoor living is an art, and Silver Dollar has the proper accessories for the show. If it's an English lady's country cottage you desire, try the timeless cast-iron garden benches and lacy cast-aluminum tables and chairs. But if you're more Latin-inclined, Silver Dollar also stocks Mexican terra cotta and Talavera pottery. Choose from patina-finished weathervanes, rustic candle lanterns, iron… More >>
  • Best Garden Fountains

    Paris Blue

    Backyard fountains are an apparently unfortunate business to be in during times of drought, but Jim Huddle of Paris Blue has weathered the storm -- or lack of it -- with aplomb. He carries a plethora of the sparkling jet d'eau, from Zen-inspired tabletop models to ostentatiously classical cherub-adorned ones resting on bubbly fish pedestals. Don't miss his zillion and… More >>
  • Best Garden Store for Upward Growth

    Urban Roots

    This tiny potting-shed of a shop caters to Golden Triangle condo dwellers whose plot of land consists mainly of a lanai. Sometimes two. So the colorful patio at Diane Stahl's Urban Roots displays dozens of planter-worthy herbs, annuals and vegetables, twining vines, rosebushes and perennials that will winter over in a balcony pot. Inside, you'll find a few well-chosen books,… More >>
  • Best Garden Store for Outward Growth

    Timberline Gardens

    Timberline Gardens' co-owner and grower Kelly Grummons is a plantsman with an affinity for unique native plants, wildflowers and perennials. So while most nurseries stick to the standard bedding foliage, he's happily preparing drought-resistant gardens. The font of horticultural knowledge also lectures throughout the area and offers classes at his sixteen-acre greenhouse on everything from ornamental grasses to X-rated plants.… More >>
  • Best Seeds for Alpine Gardeners

    Rocky Mountain Rare Plants

    In addition to this era's xeric concerns, many Colorado gardeners must endure the vagaries of microclimates and high altitude when planning their backyard Edens. It's not like everyone can go gather seeds from every alpine nook and cranny around the world in order to raise an interesting rock garden in town or biome-friendly patch higher up. Fortunately, Rocky Mountain Rare… More >>
  • Best Gardeners' Connection to the Past

    Rocky Mountain Seed Co.

    With its charming wooden bins and old-fashioned ambience, Rocky Mountain Seed Co. offers a shopping experience as hardy and no-nonsense as the merchandise. For fifty years, they've been offering time-proven seeds geared to Colorado's climate. And while the lonely, downtown establishment now sticks out among high-rises, lofts and chic clubs, the area was once Denver's agriculture row, where farmers from… More >>
  • Best One-Stop Garage Sale

    Joy's Consigned Furnishings

    A huge retail floor filled with treasures normally found only at yard sales, discount outlets or auctions is hard to resist -- even if it somewhat stifles the joy of the hunt. Store owner Joy Wilson has a little bit of everything, from magnificent Chinese antiques to budget-fitting coffee tables; they're culled from estate liquidations, factory closeouts and attics everywhere.… More >>
  • Best Place to Go Thrifting

    DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Store

    The DAV's better-known cousins, Goodwill and the ARC, can't hold a candle to the bonanza of finds in this clean, well-lit thrift store. And you gotta love the '80s soundtrack playing in the background. Most jeans run from $2.95 to $7.95, and infant and toddler wear is an easy-on-the-wallet $2.95. You'll also find toilet-seat covers, napkin holders, drapes and just… More >>
  • Best Magic Carpets

    Pangaea Handmade Carpets

    Sometimes it's easy to forget that the Middle East has contributed much to the world's artistic heritage, including the fabled magic carpet. The wizardry remains, and it flashes in the brilliant design and exquisite quality of these hand-woven textiles. Pangaea Handmade Carpets owner T Robinson offers an exclusive collection of nomadic rugs, Turkish prayer mats, Caucasian runners, Anatolian kilims and… More >>
  • Best Unique Household Furnishings


    The goods inside Tesoros reflect Indian Hills' Native American connection: In the late 1800s, the area served as a summer campground for the Ute Indians, and the historic log building that houses Tesoros was once a trading post, among other things. That seems appropriate, considering the upscale store now trades in modern cultural artifacts: Rugs and blankets, pottery, antiques and… More >>
  • Best Hip Home Furnishings

    One Home

    In an innocuous, squat building on Speer is a trove of hip, mid-century modern home furnishings by designers such as Eames, Platner and Mies van der Rohe. They've got the iconic Saarinen tulip chair and George Nelson ball clock. You can even get the Eames lounge and ottoman favored by fashion stylists. And if your walls are bare, consider the… More >>
  • Best Conservation Store

    Nature's Own

    Nature's Own president Roy Young likes digging in the dirt. When he isn't manning one of the store's five Colorado locations or promoting environmental awareness, he travels the world in search of fossils; many of those specimens wind up on Nature's Own's shelves alongside rare minerals, handcrafted onyx, educational materials and lots of fun prehistoric products. The stores are a… More >>
  • Best High-End Doors

    The Grand Entrance

    Specializing in custom-made and hand-carved portals, the Grand Entrance turns out some of the grandest slabs of wood -- and even bronze -- to ever sport a knob in these parts. Styles range from rustic to arts-and-crafts, and the workmanship is impeccable, particularly the gorgeous floral reliefs, Speakeasy trap doors, cast-iron appointments and distressed and antiqued surfaces. You'll drop a… More >>
  • Best Low-End Doors

    Buds Warehouse

    Open sesame: Buds Warehouse has doors -- hundreds of 'em! Big ones, little ones, cheap ones, fancy ones, screen doors, trap doors, closet doors, garage doors -- even a hangar door -- all at the discounted prices that are the trademark of this poor man's Home Depot. And if you can't find what's in your mind's eye, file a request… More >>
  • Best Boiler Repairman

    Doc Ball

    Owners of the basement behemoths created at the turn of the last century don't have too many choices when it comes to keeping their boilers going strong. Luckily, Denver is home to the best. Doc Ball and his son, Rob, never met a boiler they didn't like, and their affections show. With their help, you'll be in hot water for… More >>
  • Best Water Witch

    Greg Storozuk

    Underground rivers. Oil reservoirs. Toxic energy fields. Angry ghosts. With little more than a pair of L-rods, a hand-held pendulum and a clear mind, Greg Storozuk has found them all. He's a dowser, a diviner, a doodlebug, one of a growing community of men and women who tap into the universal consciousness to seek answers to the unknown. Initially a… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Big Ice

    Reddy Ice

    There are occasions when a mere twenty-pound bag of ice just won't do. Say you need to build an igloo. Maybe you need to carve a giant pair of ice breasts for your brother's bachelor party. Or perhaps you just need cool shavings for a margarita block party. It doesn't happen every day, but it's nice to know the technology's… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Cheap Tools

    Charlie's Second Hand

    With two rooms packed to the gills with new and used power compressors, ladders, safety harnesses, masonry tools, brad nailers, hand tools and dry-wall benches, you're sure to find just what you're looking for at Charlie's Second Hand -- and it'll be at least 50 percent less than retail. The place has been in business for fifty years and is… More >>
  • Best Restaurant-Supply Store Open to the Public

    Platte Restaurant Equipment Co.

    Farewell Williams-Sonoma; hello stainless-steel heaven. There's just something intriguing about a ladle the size of a basketball, a whisk as tall as your oldest child, or a wall of giant frying machines. But there's plenty you can use at home. How about a set of those ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles, or a diner-style napkin holder? And at pro rates,… More >>
  • Best Selection of Quirky Fridge Magnets

    All American Vogue

    Everyone knows this person -- the one who covers every square inch of her fridge with cheesy magnets: Disneyland souvenirs, maps of the United States, "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy!" Screw that. True hipsters want magnets that titillate, mock or just make a point. Why not adorn the icebox with beefy, leotard-clad men whose identities are obscured by Mexican wrestling… More >>
  • Best China-Painting Supplies

    Kathy Peterson's The Good Stuff

    If you've got CPS (china-painting syndrome), you know the quality of your finished product depends entirely on the quality of the materials you use. That's why Kathy Peterson, a recognized china- and glass-painting expert, offers only "the good stuff" -- porcelain blanks from Limoges and Arzberg, natural-hair brushes, paints in every color for any surface, gold paste, banding wheels, books.… More >>
  • Best Craft Store for the Lighthearted

    Blu Zebra

    Pat and Jeff Garcia's recently relocated downtown emporium is like sunshine on a cloudy day. When you step inside Blu Zebra, you're guaranteed a smile. The crafty couple's outdone themselves with whimsical and outrageous handmades that can't be found every craft store in town. From Priscilla Draper's hilarious papier-mâché fat-lady scales to Janice Katz's Critters From the Hood -- fantastical… More >>
  • Best Place to Start a Ceramic Zoo

    Curiosidades de Mexico

    Lions and tigers and bears! Giant fish, monkeys and hares! A stable full of crafted clay and ceramic animals greets curious shoppers at Curiosidades de Mexico, a northwest Denver coffer of crafts, housewares, religious objects, rugs, furniture and art from south of the border. Fancy a trout planter or a donkey chimenea? Head upstairs, where the merchandise ranges from the… More >>
  • Best Fix for the Addicted Knitter

    A Knitted Peace

    Yarnies of all skill levels would do well to make the drive to Peggy Anderson's heaven on earth for textile artists. A Knitted Peace offers a wide selection of imports -- from soft Irish merinos to scratchy Japanese wools -- as well as cute novelty bits and fluffy cashmere skeins you'll want to fondle until you notice the staff giving… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy a Sewing Machine

    AAA Creative Sewing Centers

    AAA offers the best in Pfaff, Viking, Husqvarna and Brother machines at excellent prices. But what could be more frustrating than investing in a sophisticated contraption and discovering later that you have no idea how to work it? Thankfully, AAA sends you out the door armed with an arsenal of sewing-machine knowledge. And when that wears off, you're invited back… More >>
  • Best Fabric Store

    Denver Fabric Annex

    Textile addicts, gather up your spare change and prepare to enter paradise. While Denver Fabric is known for its vast selection of high-end decorator and dressmaker fabrics, the Annex next door is loved for selling the same thing -- cheap. Bolts of discontinued treasures stretch to the ceiling, many at pennies per yard. Naturally, a Filene's Basement-like atmosphere pervades, but… More >>
  • Best Quilting Store

    Quilting Up a Storm

    Quilters are made, not born, and it usually happens when they encounter a place like Quilting Up a Storm, where the air is thick with color and inspiration. Crammed with books, classes and bolts of bright, contemporary fabrics, including a brilliant selection of batiks, the store focuses less on country kitsch and more on absolutely stunning modern quilts.… More >>
  • Best Place to Make a Hat

    Emily Griffith Opportunity School

    While most local sewing classes and shops now cater to country-cute crafts, the Emily Griffith Opportunity School still takes an haute couture approach. And last summer's revival of their millinery program -- one of the first courses taught when Miss Emily Griffith opened the school in 1916 -- was a splendid addition. Rita Smith of Classic Canyon Creations taught students… More >>
  • Best Greeting-Card Selection


    For those who refuse to say it with saccharin, the shelves at Decade await. Here's the place to find a wide selection of Roger la Borde stationery (the pastel kind with elongated people holding potted plants and juggling Santa hats) alongside modish and sparkly Rock Scissor Paper notes (previously found only on the Internet at recession-unfriendly prices). Our favorites are… More >>
  • Best Green Service for Greenbacks

    Bike-Thru Banking
    Pueblo Bank & Trust

    Sitting in a line of fume-belching SUVs just to do some drive-through banking is almost enough to make you leave the bicycle at home. But not if you live in Boulder, where an estimated 10 percent of in-city trips are made by bike. Pueblo Bank & Trust has recognized the demand and opened a special Bike-Thru Banking lane just for… More >>
  • Best Old-Style Banking Experience

    First United Bank
    Equitable Building

    Banker Stephen Baltz wasn't made for these times. When he opened a First United Bank branch in the grand old Equitable Building, he renovated the space to resemble the First National Bank of Denver, which was located in the Equitable at the turn of the last century. Now, in what was most recently the dapper men's clothing store Andrisen Morton… More >>
  • Best Old-Style Banking Experience for Kids

    Young Americans Bank

    Last summer, the Young Americans Bank, brainchild of local magnate Bill Daniels, moved into bigger digs after serving young financiers for fifteen years. All the old child-friendly amenities, such as height-conscious teller windows, are still in place, but the bank is now part of an entire town square. There's a town hall, television station, market, newspaper, hospital and snack bar… More >>
  • Best Product for Kids on the Go

    Starr Car Seat Travel Tray

    The family minivan can have all the comforts of a rock-star limo, with snacks, drinks and toys all easy to reach. The Starr Car Seat Travel Tray is made of soft, durable, completely washable nylon, with a safe, flat surface and pockets and compartments on either side. It attaches to most convertible car seats and booster seats with Velcro. Alyson… More >>
  • Best Kids' Birthday Parties

    Denver Puppet Theater

    Local puppeteer Annie Zook is a one-woman powerhouse of a children's entertainer. She's a soft-sculpture artist who crafts her own puppets -- a director, actor and playwright, a shopkeeper, a museum curator and collector, and an art instructor who's been running her own theater for ten years. On top of all that, she throws one hell of a birthday party.… More >>
  • Best Web Site for Bored Kids

    At one time or another, every child has complained that there's nothing to do -- but this portion of the City of Denver's official Web site proves otherwise. Click on Denver City Youth Program Database, and you're off. Compiled with the help of local youngsters dubbed "YouthMappers," the site sports contact information and details about a slew of programs, services… More >>
  • Best Way to Learn How to Read This Newspaper

    Conversations in English
    Boulder County Library

    This award-winning course takes a highly individualized approach to teaching; volunteers work with a maximum of six participants per instructor. There are Conversations in English courses five days a week, and the curriculum touches upon topics as diverse as history and parenting. Clearly, these conversations will lead to many more in the future.… More >>
  • Best Parenting Classes

    Parents' Mathematics Institute
    Community College of Aurora

    Show of hands: How many parents have had palpitations when a graphing calculator showed up on the seventh-grade back-to-school supply list? Was it just the cost, or was it also the fact that you had no earthly clue what a graphing calculator does or why anyone would need to know such a thing? The good news is that the folks… More >>
  • Best Comic-Book Store

    Mile High Comics Megastore

    With gallons and gallons of ink depicting the never-ending power struggle between spandex-clad goodie-goodies and animal-themed criminals, Mile High Comics Megastore in Thornton is the largest comics shop in the country, and the flagship of five metro locations. Mile High Comics president Chuck Rozanski started the company in 1969 and built it into the Superman of the comics retail/mail-order industry.… More >>
  • Best Collection of the Golden Age of American Illustration

    Fahrenheit's Books

    Let the DAM be damned! The finest art in town may just hang inside the front door of Fahrenheit's Books. This great, if somewhat cramped, bibliophile's paradise is filled to the rafters (and then some) with bookish bounty, but the real treat is the collection of paperback pulp novels of the '50s and '60s that heralded the golden age of… More >>
  • Best Alternative to the Terminal Annex

    The Tattered Cover, LoDo

    When the Terminal Annex on Wynkoop Street closed, oodles of lower-downtowners lost a convenient place to complete their postal chores. So here's to the LoDo branch of the Tattered Cover opening a shipping center to keep area residents from having to wait in already long postal lines throughout the city. As a bonus, the atmosphere inside the bookstore is infinitely… More >>
  • Best Bookstore for the Dark and Brooding

    Black and Read Bookstore

    Underground movie rentals, creepy comics, horror paperbacks, obscure punk bands on vinyl: If it's spooky or subversive books and music you're after, you'll find it at Black and Read Bookstore. Never again must you search in vain -- or pay too much -- for avant-garde German synth-pop on CD or hard-to-find '80s death metal. New or used, Black and Read's… More >>
  • Best Bookstore for Patrons of Color

    The Hue-Man Experience

    Hue-Man Experience carries books, music, gifts and more, catering specifically to the often-overlooked African-American consumer. Since purchasing the store from its original founder eight months ago, new owners Joi Afzal, Kim Martin and Daryl Walker proudly offer more than 6,200 titles in their homey downtown space, along with Afro-centric wedding invitations, a children's corner, gift certificates and unique home and… More >>
  • Best Store to Buy Books Condemning Consumerism

    Breakdown Book Collective and Community Space

    If you like your media saturation on a more manageable, not to mention liberal, scale, Breakdown Book Collective and Community Space is the place. After troubles at its former Platte Street location, the bookstore moved into the burgeoning Ogden arts district, and the place is again stocked with hundreds of titles on anarchy, pacifism, gender, race, sexuality and, of course,… More >>
  • Best Place to Dispose of Old Magazines


    The charity magazine table at the 6th and Corona Safeway is like manna from heaven for the magaphile. There's this month's Vogue and last month's Atlantic Monthly. There's Best Friends, the Utah sanctuary's quarterly glossy, and piles of old New Yorkers. And for just a quarter each, they're a bargain. The money is donated to local nonprofits such as Race… More >>
  • Best Used Books All the Time

    Koelbel Public Library

    Every day is a book fair at the Arapahoe County Library's Koebel branch. Since Valentine's Day, a group of dedicated volunteers has been manning the used-book store inside the library's espresso bar. They sort the donated books, which are priced by an expert once a month, then sell them during regular library hours. Proceeds go to literacy programs.… More >>
  • Best Place to Stick a Book in Your Ear

    Reel Books Audio Bookstore

    New owner, new location, more space and more titles on tape and CD for rent and sale. Owner Benjamin Anzman has introduced new membership deals ranging from weekly to annual unlimited rentals, starting at less than $10 a month. The bestseller and new-books list at Reel Books is updated weekly. So even if you don't have time to flip pages,… More >>
  • Best Public-Library Music Section

    Schlessman Family Branch Library

    In the past, music sections at most public libraries have been of little interest to anyone other than fans of Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops. But the Schlessman Family Branch of the Denver Public Library is an enormous exception to this rule. The year-old library has approximately 10,000 items in its audiovisual section, including multiple copies of the most… More >>
  • Best Place to Get Hooked Up


    There's only one place to surf while snacking on a pressed-beef lunch: the Arby's at 11th and Broadway. Their Cyber Cafe -- the only one in the state -- has two Macs with broadband connections for your dining pleasure. Just don't think it's a free-for-all. The corporate offices cracked down earlier this year after customers hacked into their PCs and… More >>
  • Best Fine Art Masquerading as Rock Posters

    Lindsey Kuhn's Swamp Co. Posters

    In the last decade, Swamp Co. proprietor/artist Lindsey Kuhn has silk-screened thousands of his signature day-glo pop-art rock posters, promoting the concerts of Fugazi, Beck and Ween in the process. Kuhn began his career in the Mississippi skate-punk scene, relocating to Texas for a spell before finally settling here in 1999. His business is part DIY, part speculative: Kuhn provide… More >>
  • Best Banjomaker

    OME Banjo Company

    For the last half-century, OME Banjo Company founder Chuck Ogsbury has been the mind behind some of the best banjos money can buy. Gram Parsons, Bela Fleck and Pete Wernick are a just a few of the musicians to pluck these instruments that double as striking objects d'art. The company crafts traditional, jazz and bluegrass models, twanging out about 125… More >>
  • Best Record Store

    Twist & Shout

    Lurking around every one of Twist & Shout's cash registers, display racks and merchandise cases are employees who'll share a little -- or a lot -- of what they know without the music-snob sneer. Of course, if members of the Twist staff were feeling a little smug, we couldn't blame them: Fifteen years after vowing to cultivate the best record… More >>
  • Best Used- CD Store

    Wax Trax

    In these crappy economic times, independent music retailers keep locking their doors for the last time as big-box merchants and Internet piracy threaten their future. But Wax Trax, one of the original indie-store survivors, is cooler than ever after two decades. The outlet gathers together an enormous collection of new and used CDs, vinyl and 45s with prices that range… More >>
  • Best Exit by a Video-Store Owner

    Scott Woodland
    Video Station

    Many Boulderites were nervous when Scott Woodland sold the Video Station. It seemed impossible that any new owner could maintain such an erudite staff, the huge and unmatchable selection of films and the unmistakable spirit of the place. But so far Bruce Shamma and Sheri Lapres, who took over last summer, are making old-time patrons breathe sighs of relief. They… More >>