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Best Adventures in Grocery Shopping Denver 2004 - Sunflower Market

Sunflower Market

Sunflower Market

2880 S. Colorado Blvd.

Denver, CO 80222


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First there were health-food stores and co-ops -- little eclectic-eccentric, tie-dyed, bring-your-own-bag places where hippies shopped for goat yogurt, yams and fresh tofu. But somewhere along the line, the stores got bigger. They supplied bags (even plastic ones), widened the aisles and branched into the gourmet-foods market. Hippies? Even if any were still around, they couldn't afford to shop at these places now. Isn't it time something gave? Enter Sunflower Market. The brainchild of former Wild Oats mastermind Mike Gilliland and his brother, Pat, the new store is a delightful setback in whole-foods merchandising, with lower prices, a less outrageous scope and an element of surprise: The get-it-while-you-can aisle features a changing stock of odd-lot grocery buys. In the garden of overblown health-food shopping, little Sunflower towers above the rest.
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vicki  grossman
vicki grossman

Even if the hippies can afford the outrageous prices of health food markets now, I am soooo glad there will be alternatives besides whole foods. I thought some of my long time favorite organic food products were disappearing and in their place the 365 whole foods brand showed up. Tonight I was outraged to find out that whole foods is not carrying long time favorite Cascadian Farms products anymore!!!! Guess what they will carry in their place the Whole Foods 365 brand and guess again - these products are not as good. I know this for a fact because our family has compared the 365 frozen taters with the Cascadian Farm frozen taters and there is no comparison 365 whole foods version is not very good . This is a problem because Whole Foods could cause long time organic product companies like Cascadian Farms to economically collapse. Having another competitor arriving on the scene is very timely. I'm really glad a Sunflower Market is opening in Boulder.