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Best Clothes for Aspiring Vatos Denver 2004 - Suavecito's

Craig Pe?a and Jay Salas have gone platinum with their line of zoot suits, dressing everyone from Snoop Dogg to David Bowie. Now they're inking deals with retailers and high-profile sports-apparel companies to market their Chingaso Gear line of Latin-inspired fight clothes. Hoodies, tees, boxing robes, prison-orange jumpsuits -- it's all on the cutting edge of the highly coveted Latin market. But just because Pe?a and Salas are bustin' out doesn't mean they've lost their edge. After all, you've got to know the street to make clothes for it. Stay trucha!
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C Woods
C Woods

Be very careful renting from Suavecito - the may ruin your event - and will not issue a refund, even if they make a big mistake. I would never rent from them again.