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Best Garden Decor Denver 2004 - The French Flat

Cathy Kimmal created her own little secret garden in the French Flat, a French-country-style salute that sucks you into a different time and place the minute you amble in the door. It could be the way it smells -- like lavender and pear -- or the quaint tromp l'oeil details painted across the walls and floors by Kimmal's talented daughter, Keri. There's something delightfully handed-down about the place, which is crammed with French-made candles, well-placed antiques, tarnished garden ornaments and fragrant topiaries. The French Flat is definitely a family affair: In addition to Keri's murals, works by husband Will include miniature working greenhouses and gardener's cold frames built from old, weathered windows. Quelle jolie.
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You too can create a space you can call your own. Well placed plantings, garden decor to match your style whether it be whimsical, classical, english country or french like the Kimmel family created all help create your own refuge. Visit to find the perfect accent for your garden today.

Jack Darrington
Jack Darrington

Wow, thanks for this post. That sounds like an absolutely heavenly garden. It's sounds beautiful and peaceful, but the part that I love most isn't necessarily the garden decor, though it sounds amazing, but the fact that it's a family project. That makes it all the lovelier.