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Best Monday Night Chill-Out Denver 2004 - Bare Witness, Mario's Double Daughters Salotto

Bare Witness, Mario\'s Double Daughters Salotto

Bare Witness, Mario's Double Daughters Salotto

1632 Market St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Stepping into Mario's Double Daughters Salotto is like waking up from an overdose of LSD and Pop Rocks. The downtown bar has a trippy Alice in Wonderland-meets-City of Lost Children vibe that jells perfectly with Bare Witness, its Monday-night DJ residency. Selectors Ryan Mates and Zach Dunn -- aka Monke Man and Dr. Zen -- whip up a deep, smooth purée of electronic and reggae sounds that range from the kung-fu techno of Depth Charge to the august dub of King Tubby. Drinks aren't cheap, but, hey, Monday night is the perfect time to sip a couple of quality cocktails in LoDo without all the weekend meatheads and mobocracy.
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