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Best Place to Get Steamy Denver 2004 - Lake Steam Baths

Lake Steam Baths

Lake Steam Baths

3540 W. Colfax Ave.

Denver, CO 80204


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It takes guts to enter the Lake Steam Baths. The 77-year-old Denver institution seems a little, uh, sketchy, squatting on a corner of West Colfax. But the experience is well worth the leap of faith. Ladies come Mondays and Thursdays to steam -- both in a dry hot-rock and eucalyptus sauna -- and whirlpool their tensions away; boys get the rest of the week. After a dip, try a full-body massage, a steal at just $28 an hour, or a mani/pedi. Just be sure to book in advance. And, yes, you've got to get naked.
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best corner bathtubs
best corner bathtubs

Lake steam bath sounds really great. It also provides full body massage and manicure and pedicure at very affordable rates. I will definitely visit this steam bath for having relaxing and comfort bath.


I kind of loved it. I say 'kind of' as a disclaimer because I don't think it's for everyone. Swanky spa, it is not. It's definitely more Eastern European-style bath house with lots of nakedness and women scrubbing each other (somehow my prudish American self finds that odd). But, it's got lots of character and is cheap enough to not be ultra-indulgent. I got an hour massage for $30 (which was great! request Chasity) and stayed in the baths for another 45 minutes for $15. They also have a little cafe, which smelled wonderful, and you can get scrubs (enter old naked women scrubbing you down) and foot detoxes for $10-$15.