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Best TV Investigative Reporter Denver 2004 - Brian Maass, Channel 4

All too often, investigative reports on local TV stations are frivolous attention-getters more focused on attracting viewers during ratings periods than doing anything of substance. Maass's work is an exception to this rule. He regularly comes up with stories that are as solid as they are intriguing -- we'd love to know his police sources -- and he presents them in a just-the-facts manner that won't make those with an aversion to tabloid TV feel like showering once the report's over.
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would like to know if you ever investigate legal corruption


would like Brian to check out Starlight Towing at corner of COlfax & Kalamath, they have two armed security officers insid the laundromat, the lot at the S. End where the laundromat is , That area there are couple little sign's alerting to not park, ect. I have seen many many many cars towed from that lot's seem's as if they lay in ambush, often time the other lot's are so full , folk's have to park in south lot, i have seen folk's park there and go to grab something to eat, That Secruity company has thier tow truck there in Less than 5 min. i think its just a big SCam the LOT should have bigger sign's Posted to alert would be parkers.I was there yesterday & saw Two cars get towedn the owners came imeadiatley back, they would not explain why thier car's were towed, referred them to the phone # of towing 303-309-1225 I am Chuck Rodriguez Mr. Mauss helped me with a problem yrs ago when i workd for the city & county.