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Best Born-Again Media Mogul Denver 2005 - Phil Anschutz

Local gazillionaire Phil Anschutz is notoriously press-shy -- so what kind of business is he branching into? The press! Anschutz bought the venerable San Francisco Examiner and turned it into a free daily, then exported the concept to Washington, D.C., and may well do likewise in metropolitan areas around the country. But he's interested in more than the print media. Anschutz, a devoted Christian, is bringing his values to the nation's multiplexes though such films as Because of Winn-Dixie; he also financed the lion's share of Ray, for which Jamie Foxx won a Best Actor Oscar. In less than a year, Anschutz has become one of the most-talked-about media figures in America -- even if he isn't doing any of the talking.
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adrian lopez gonzalez
adrian lopez gonzalez

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