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Best Business Name to Use Very, Very Carefully Denver 2005 - Denver Concrete Vibrator

Sorry to disappoint, but Denver Concrete Vibrator is not an industrial-strength adult toy store. No, as its website explains, since 1980 the company has been an "industry leader in sales and service" of "dependable flexible shaft, pneumatic, high cycle and external concrete vibrator tools." Hose us down now.
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Sadly, the regular staff at Darque Tan are consistently RUDE and LOW IN INTELLIGENCE and communication skills. While the place is clean, good luck getting anyone who is competant enough to explain their plans to you. One of their workers named Kendra actually called me a \"Bit*h\" b/c she did not want to have to explain the contract. Yes, they do require contracts for VIP memberships!! They call them \"billing agreements\" but they are CONTRACTS!! DUH!! Please, Darque Tan, require your staff to take a basic intelligence test before hiring. DO NOT GO HERE!!! FIND ANOTHER PLACE WHERE CUSTOMER SERVICE MATTERS!!!