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Best Fancy-Pants Fried Chicken Denver 2005 - Table 6

Table 6

Table 6

609 Corona St.

Denver, CO 80218


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"Mother and child reunion" is the best description we've heard so far for the Rocky Chicken dish at Table 6. It's a fried egg, done over-easy, on top of a fried chicken breast and leg that are mounted on a nest of fried potatoes and onions. The whole plate is very intellectual, very New American smartass, but also very tasty -- a special trick that Table 6 has mastered, and one that saves the place from collapsing under the weight of over-thinking. Credit chef Aaron Whitcomb for pulling off a cerebral bit of deconstruction that still works in terms of flavor: a tender piece of fried chicken, perfectly cooked, and an egg that, when broken, serves as the sauce. No wonder the tables at Table 6 are some of the most sought-after in town.

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