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Best Football Team Without Pads Denver 2005 - Denver Bulldogs

Who let the dogs out? The Mile High City is host to one of the winningest football teams in history: the Denver Bulldogs. The Australian Rules Football team has won four national championships -- three of them consecutive -- in just six seasons playing, the most of any U.S. footy team. And this ain't no Sunday in the park: Padding is prohibited, and hard hits are de rigueur. The only downside to Bulldog fanaticism is that most games are on the road; until recently, the closest teams to match up against were the Salt Lake Seagulls and the Arizona Hawks. But sports fans ready for some football -- some serious, manly football -- can head over to Bible Park at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings to watch training once the season starts at the end of March. Go, Dogs!

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