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Best Movie Theater -- Comfort Denver 2005 - United Artists Denver Pavilions Stadium 15

Readers' Choice: United Artists Denver Pavilions
Generally speaking, a 'plex is a 'plex. But the fifteen-screen Denver Pavilions in downtown Denver offers a couple of advantages over its suburban counterparts: free underground parking (with validation) in a roomy adjacent structure, and the proximity of good food and drink in many establishments on Denver's 16th Street Mall. Otherwise, the Pavilions' stadium seating is as padded-rocking-chair comfortable as at any other multiplex, the concessions are acceptable, and standards for sound and film projection are uniformly high. Whether you're in for three hours of The Aviator or the quick yuks of Be Cool, the Pavilions gives them to you in butt-soothing, eye-pleasing comfort.

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Ben Beeby
Ben Beeby

Oh Yeah Comfort...leg room is HORRIBLE, Im 6'5" and thats the most cramped seating in the Metro Area.

Ben Beeby
Ben Beeby

Free Underground Parking my butt...Denver Pavillions is a terrible place to see a movie in this economy

We are ALL doing it. Maybe for the first time in our lives we are looking at just how we spend every dime of our incredibly shrinking entertainment budget. Well yesterday I made the biggest mistake possible, I went to have dinner and a movie at Denver Pavillions.

Remember how excited we were, Wolfgang Pucks, Rain Forrest Cafe Hard Rock Cafe along with a huge new Stadium seating theater right on the 16th St Mall. Downtown was finally going to have a center piece. Ive never seen a retail center go from such high hopes, to so empty and sad in such a short period of time.

Apparently parking is at such a premium in a shopping center that was built about a decade ago, but was being abandoned almost as soon as it opened, that validation is only good for 4 hours. I guess that no one told them about supply and demand, as the parking structure and Regal's Pavillions theater for that matter, was about 5% full on one of the best movie Sunday afternoons of the Summer. With a 2 hour and 20 minute movie and dinner our date lasted 4 hours and 20 minutes. That 20 minutes cost us $7 per car. We had two. $14 for letting our cars sit in a lot that was empty for 20 minutes cost as much as the movie and half as much as dinner. I may pay 10$ parking for that one Rockies or Broncos game that I see per year, but is ridiculous to think that people will pay that to see a movie.

I am so upset over this, that Denver Pavillions has lost me as a customer forever, next time we will meet at the old Stapleton. Denver Pavillions save the billion dollar upgrade, and just make parking free or even fair, otherwise bye bye downtown megaplex, open air mall. Either way Ill never go see a movie there again. Next time Ill go see TWO some where else for the same price.