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Best Quick Thai Denver 2005 - Spicy Basil

Spicy Basil

Spicy Basil

1 Broadway

Denver, CO 80203


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There are those restaurants where you plan to eat -- making reservations, picking out the right outfit, booking the babysitter -- and those you go to when the urge strikes you. Spicy Basil is all about whim. This small Thai-fusion storefront is just the spot for a quick lunch when you've got Asian on the brain, a place that inspires an undeniable hunger for chicken curry and dumplings when you drive by. During the dinner rush, Spicy Basil probably does more take-out business than sit-down, but if you've got the time (and it doesn't take much), the dining room is casual and sunny, the service quick, and the bright Thai flavors at their best and freshest the moment they hit the table.

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