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Best Summer Camp -- Indoor Denver 2005 - Bits, Bytes & Bots

Bits, Bytes & Bots

537 W. Highlands Ranch Parkway

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129


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It goes without saying that the Marx Brothers know just what makes kids tick. Oh, not those zany vaudevillian siblings of old: We're talking about Tom and Rick Marx, local look-alike brothers with backgrounds in teaching and software development who together founded what is truly a playground for geeks in training. Bits, Bytes & Bots offers year-round classes, drop-in activities and science-inspired pizza parties during which youngsters can create working Lego robots, make movies, or just get a leg up on new technology. The concept is a modern-day natural for summer camp, an openly educational cure for kids who just want to spend their vacation twiddling an Xbox in the den. Start lining up now.

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